"Such Pain"

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Veterans and service members, both men and women, carry
Many deep and enduring wounds that do not show on the
One woman who was a medic in Iraq put it very
“each time you have someone, be it civilian
Or soldier, a woman or especially a child, come in with
Limbs blown off or burned badly, a little part of you is
Torn away as well. After days and days of this over
And over, you become broken; sometimes trying to
Harm yourself to end the pain."

This, I understand.
I myself was never in direct combat, but MY job,
If we had gone to war while I was on duty, was
To launch a missile, an ICBM with the largest
Nuclear Bomb we had in our arsenal at the

If that had occurred, you could be SURE that
Hundreds more such Missiles
Were also being launched; the World
As we knew it was coming to an end.

My wounds are so deep, I rarely Dream about it, but
When I do it is horrid.
When I see an image of a mushroom cloud,
I cringe inside.
If I am alone, and I am almost always
I cry.

Most can’t imagine what this is like;
Carrying around the Horror of what you MIGHT
Have done to your friends and
Family, in carrying out your orders.

For this, the VA offers you counseling
IF you got an honorable discharge, if not...
It is like I walk around with an
Open, running sore for which there is
No treatment; no relief.
Such Pain.

“Such Pain”

Jerry E Smith
Atomic Bomb

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PTSD is no joke. I think most people from the military return with it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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