Walk With Me In Denver, Hitching Post Edition

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Yes, I'm really not kidding - I found a house with a hitching post in front of it! :D

My Actifit for some reason was OFF for a good chunk of my time out, so I'm just gonna do a WWM post because I got a lot of good street art photos today. :)

electrical box art

and on the smaller box next to it

George Floyd mural with signs and offerings in front of it

is there a word for henna designs on hands like this? It's so pretty. :)

...and those were my art finds for today. :) I went to the post office and to buy a gift for a friend at a local shop. On the bus, one driver had a face shield and mask, and the other had an installed plexiglass barrier in between them and us, but at least three people on that bus were not wearing masks even though it's supposed to be the rule on buses. I wouldn't want to be the bus driver arguing with assholes who feel the need to be a Karen about it, so I don't blame the driver for not enforcing. They do not get paid enough to put up with people's bullshit.

So that was my adventure for the day. Thankfully it was a little cooler today? I mean we got into the 90sF but didn't hit 100 like yesterday, lol. I'll take what I can get.

Stay cool, be safe, and enjoy beauty where you can find it. And horse parking. ;)


Nicely done @phoenixwren, good to see you here. Unfortunately, I am heading offline for the night.
Be well and stay in touch my friend ♥

Hi @jerrytsuseer! Thanks for stopping by! Sleep well. :)

Thank you @phoenixwren, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Lovely artworks, those kind of murals always impress me! 😊

Me too! 😃