Vote Support - Report and Update (for the week ending today) - Spun Plagerism Case

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Recently the [INCOME] synergistic Entertainment Fund has been tweaking and strengthening its vote, so that it can reward builders who participate in the Fund.

The GOAL of this tool is to SYNERGISTICALLY grow together, by targeting builders posts automatically support constructive content by constructive users, and hope to be rewarded through curation. Instead of analyzing the data and looking for the best curation by playing with the numbers - the fund identifies projects being built on #STEEM and endeavors to invest in them.

Here is our current voting report for the last 7 days:

The voting support is a manually operated automated process. @ecoinstant manually reviews the results of automation, and feed back is important.

Thus, this report will become an important part of the process, looking at this graph and how it changes over time.

For example, our self vote is under the 10% maximum set for the fun. This is a variable we will be watching, making any changes necessary along the way.

One member, @d00k13, is receiving the largest vote support. This is something to keep an eye on, although he is one of the largest holders, his votes results appear to be purely an artifact of him posting more than other top holding accounts like @upfundme.

Over time, I will continue not only to adjust the percentages to holders within the fund, but also will be looking for additional steem builders to include in the fund.

What about Abuse?

Recently I was contacted by several people about an abuse. I am very happy that I was contacted, and fruitful and respectful conversations ensued. The member in question is @tonytrillions, and like most members of the fund I have talked personally with him before on discord.

In the future any abuse can be reported on the weekly voting reports that I am working on automating for personal and public monitoring

The abuse had to do with a type of plagerism: posting spun content as his own. For those of you who do not know about spun content, it is actually a fascinating topic for someone like me who is an amateur linguist and semi professional copy editor. Let's show some pertinent examples:

It might sound like nonsense, but a spinner is just basically a thesaurus program that doesn't know when to stop. Like most automation.

All credit to @jaguar.force for finding this.

So what do we do now?

Some said burn him at the stake....but I did lower the autovoter immediately. I decided to reach out to @tonytrillions, in fact to continue a conversation we have had in the past:

My personal mission is a builder, and in that I include people. I have been called naive, and I may be, but people can grow (its just hard and no amount of force or violence can make them do it, they have to choose it).

Here is Trilston @tonytrillions post : My (semi) profitable steemit journey

I think you should be using ClickTrackProfit Tony, there is a tribe for you! I personally see a real person, someone trying to 'make money online' from a place where its not all that easy to make money offline. I know from personal experience here in Colombia, it is easier to make money online and hire locals to do my chores.

Steemit Inc invited this :

Even deeper, they replicate (people that is):

I believe it. I don't know that its true, but I know I've tried to get all my friends on board, so why wouldn't he?

I was happy to see the selfie:

At the end of the day I will continue monitoring the AutoVoter to the benefit of the fund, all its members, as well as manage concerns about SCAM and PLAGERISM. The AutoVoter is in no way guaranteed, it is a bonus for participating in one of the most flexible and dynamic synergy funds on the whole platform!

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I like that you try and explain to people why they are getting flagged and recommend behavior to make it stop. That way they don't feel targeted for no reason, or not understand why they're getting flagged, and they can reason with you and discuss and explain and if you misunderstood, you won't flag but if they don't change damaging behavior, now they know why they're getting flagged and can weigh whether or not it's worth it to continue in that way. That's how flagging should be.
It's what we tried to do back in the day during the ATH when people were just spamming nonsense under unrelated tags and clogging it all up making it impossible to find the actual content you wanted to see. I spent a lot of time using Google Translate to try and explain to people that they needed to cut that out, and some people were like "oh, OK" and others were like "f**k you you're mean!!" I tried. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

Thank you @ecoinstats, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.


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