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RE: If you don't vote for witnesses, Justin will take our kneecaps. (FREE STEEM?!?)

in #voteforwitnesses11 months ago (edited)

Yeah but how come @lordbutterfly isn't even powered down yet then? And he is powering up more 3 days ago even? lol Why u all causing FUD? lol


Idk but I have some good news for you, this comment shows up on SteemPeak now, you must be off of their list. That's cool & good.

Thanks for the update, what a relief to be off the block lists. I was under the impression we didn't have to worry about Justin taking us over, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry!

Yeah, it'd be nice to have more than steemit's stake in votes because I quite like STEEM, despite all it's quirks