If you don't vote for witnesses, Justin will take our kneecaps. (FREE STEEM?!?)

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Hi guys,

I've been meaning to do this for a little while now, but seeing this tweet made me come and do this right now, I have plenty to be getting on with, but this is more important.


Do we want this on our chain? Hell naw.

What can we do? Vote using all 30 witness votes or proxying them to a trusted party like cadawg to manage votes for you.

To help us get more people active in witness voting, I may be offering prizes to those who are voting 30 witnesses (or have just started voting 30 witnesses) or have Proxied their votes to an active witness voter



If you don't have twitter, you can do as the tweet says down below and I'll still consider you for a nice little treat 😁


okay - I will vote my last 10 spots rn ;)

Ok, I look forward to us keeping our kneecaps.

~ @CADawg

ok, nice, me2

sounds like a plan ;)

Sent you 8 STEEM! Thanks for supporting witnesses!

damn. thanks dawg! have just resteemed it :)

No problem, thanks for voting 30 witnesses & thanks for the resteem!


Yeah but how come @lordbutterfly isn't even powered down yet then? And he is powering up more 3 days ago even? lol Why u all causing FUD? lol

Idk but I have some good news for you, this comment shows up on SteemPeak now, you must be off of their list. That's cool & good.

Thanks for the update, what a relief to be off the block lists. I was under the impression we didn't have to worry about Justin taking us over, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry!

Yeah, it'd be nice to have more than steemit's stake in votes because I quite like STEEM, despite all it's quirks

Agreed. No matter what Sun does, Steem should be in full control of its own Witnesses. There is enough SP out there to do it. It will not be easy but it is possible.

Everyone needs to get voting and cast their votes for some of the Top 30...and a number in the top 10.

We need to unify on this and get 5 Witnesses above the level of what Steemit Inc had.

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Ideally I'd like 17 witnesses above what stinc had, as that means the community holds the key to forks .etc. but we have to start somewhere, so this is good =)

Agreed it would be great to have the Super Majority by having the 17 Witnesses above the Sun holding. It is going to take a lot getting out to vote for the Top 20.

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I have six open slots for witnesses. Could you help me, giving me names? If you want, you can PM me. Thank you.

I would suggest looking in the top 20, especially the top 10.

Steempeak is a dedicated group to Steem..I think they deserve it.

TimCliff is another one I found to be dedicated.

I think Fulltimegeek closed his witness server to that could free up another vote.

I think the efforts are to get at least 5 of the top ones about the level of being able to be taken out.

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Thank you, my friend.

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Thx for the Info.

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No problem!

Proxy set for now :)

Good job!

For a while there I only voted for 29 because I couldn't choose 30 decent ones. Fortunately that has changed 😸

I'm glad 😁

Very alarming... this is more than speculative, gonna use up my witness votes now.

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You're right, we should vote for 30 Witnesses. I had voted for 26, but after reading your post, I made sure that I am voting for 30 witnesses now!

You can see my votes here: https://steemd.com/@kenny-crane

But I'll add a screen shot.


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Nice initiative :^)

I'm glad that, for the time being, we're able to out-vote the SteemIt Inc. stake. GET OUT AND VOTE EVERYONE!

look at that!


Yeah, just got one myself!

!BEER 🍻🍻🍻

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Yes I did.
And honestly I did it late, two days ago.
And today i fullfilled my thirtiest vote.
It is difficult to get an opinion on witnesses !
So I set my primary to accounts having postet the last month, and witnesses from my country .

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