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The flagship application for, the developers behind EOS, just saw a $150 million influx.

Voice was given the money by to provide a more decentralized business structure.

This does not include the $150 million spent to release the platform or the $30 million to secure the site


When Voice was introduced, it was billed as a social media network absent of bots. Twitter and Facebook came under scrutiny for the use of bots and fake accounts.

To sign onto Voice, KYC (Know-Your-Customer) is required. All users need to provide identification to prove they are real. This is how the platform ensures that each account is a real person.

Many feel this is excessive for a social media applications. In fact, most in the crypto-world do not like KYC/AMSL when dealing an exchange. This is part of the allure of decentralized exchanges. The drawback is the fact there is no tie-in to fiat currency.

Thus far, Voice has not been a raging success. The team did create a stir when they decided to launch the application on a fork of the EOS chain as opposed to the main one. Many bought the token expecting the activity from Voice to be resident on EOS.

Dan Larimer is one of the principles behind Block.One. He is the developer who put together both Bitshares and Steem. The flagship application on Steem,, was part of the purchase of Steemit Inc by Justin Sun.

Voice looks to reward users for their participation in the network by promoting content to the top.

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When do you think this app can be launched?
Any idea if it will have video uploading and video streaming?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

its already out it sucks i cant even make a post and i cant use my voice, the vocie toekns will be reset after beta, its terrible, worst expeince ive ever had on any social media, not just blockchain

@dan larimer is a scam artist who deserves jailtime