VOICE NOT LAUNCHING ON EOS! Trouble in Paradise?

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This space can really change up on you.

If you haven't heard yet, the much (or less) anticipated Voice By Block.One is no longer launching on EOS Blockchain. Whaaattt!!.... I can't say i am surprised, this project has been questionable for a hot minute now. I am however still curious if they will still launch on Feb 14th as they promised a few weeks ago.

Voice has not only promised to be Steemit 2.0 , but also a Facebook-challenging social network. At this rate, I am not sure it will be either of those.

According to Coindesk, Block.one failed to explain what changed between June and December, and a spokesperson declined to elaborate further. Trouble in paradise? Only time will tell. I am however very curious to see how this project unfolds. Are there still chances of it launching on 14th Feb?

In late November, Dan Larimer, the architect of EOSIO, delineated mistakes made in the assumptions governing applications built for EOS meant to optimize computing resource allocations. Not long after, the company announced Voice would start off on a private deployment of Larimer's software.Source

If you would like to read more on this then read this article by coindesk....

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What do you think is going on?

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I used to listen to an EOS podcast last year and there was some bickering on there about governance issues. There was also an issue with whales messing about and selling their influence... or something like that. I can't quite remember what it was. Block.One also paid a massive fine to the financial regulators last year, but to be fair, they (Block.One) were the ones that went to the regulators to ask what they could do to be legit.

Not sure what the issue is. Transparency is always good with these things.. but hey.

It is odd for sure. I just think Dan L. is all over the place!

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Damn is right. Too bad. We will have to wait to see.

Call me crazy, but isn't Dan good friends with Justin Sun? Perhaps a potential merger could be happening or something like that. Or it could just be Danny boi up to his old hype train tricks.