Steem Witness Forum: Hardfork 21with blocktrades, elipowell, and top 20 witnesses

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We discuss the upcoming hardfork, HF21, which deals with a Steem Proposal System (SPS) and upcoming changes to platform rewards mechanism generally called the Economic Improvement Plan (EIP).

This show happened today and we covered SPS, EIP, and had a good conversation with Steemit's managing director.

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Thanks for the quick upload! I had to miss the live show, but now I can still join all the conversations that are going to follow ;-) Cheers!

Thank You for posting this AGGY I will watch it later this evening after I Play some Steemmonsters.............@aggroed

I'm going to fire up some SM while listening xD

Right On Brother !

it was cutting off but did a steemit representative said that her posting less is a bandwidth thing? O_O i really hope that the point was missed in cuts of the stream. timestamp 1:10:35 on youtube

I think she meant bandwidth in terms of "personal bandwidth" (i.e. she's busy doing stuff).

could be, not sure if she is geeky enough for something like that :D or maybe it is used in english and i am just not aware of it.

Yes, it's become a "business term".

I actually don't like "business speak" since I think it generally obscures instead of aids the communication process, but I've mostly resigned myself to having to listen to it whenever I'm in a business meeting or a public forum discussion like this (and sometimes I'm even vaguely horrified to hear it coming from my own lips, although I try to keep it to a minimum).

Here's some more funny examples of this:

as an accountant i hate when laws and regulations are wrapped up in fancy words where in the end even those who wrote it don't know what they were trying to write about. so i do understand your point.
so it is a thing, it just sounds to geeky to me. i don't have that much contact with business english speaking stuff so, you learn new things every day :)

Traditionally business jargon has been taken from sports examples, but with the ever-growing impact of technology on the business world, now we see more business jargon being cribbed from techno-terms (bandwidth, ping, offline, etc).

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Cool, I'll peep it out, I couldn't stay awake for the live action..

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Honestly i haven't seen anyone arguing about SPS but rather rewards being split 50/50.
SPS is something that we need - and it's an axiom.
I don't mind giving away some percentage of "my" rewards for a greater cause.

We definitely need more hype and utility around steem, just look at Tron - you can't have a better example than this one...

Thank you so much for sharing so we have the chance to be there. Greetings Michael

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Thank you so much for sharing. So we have the chance to be there. Greetings Michael

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How can I use Palnet?

My ears hear your music. Commence dog fooding.

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ok, well, maybe that's 1 of 12. 11 more to go!