You know what sucks?_vol.2_COVID-19 (apart from the obvious)

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"Corona here, Corona there, won't this madness stop already?"

This is yet another post about the infamous virus outbreak that's been impacting the lives of millions of people. I shall speak about a couple of reasons why this viral illness sucks, apart from the obvious (health problems).


The day the first case of Corona was announced in my country (Estonia) I didn't think much of it - yeah, probably a lot of people will fall ill and that's it. The government started warning people about the outbreak, suggesting them to wash their hands and keep distance, etc. The same week another case was found.

Two cases? That's not too bad...
Then two turned into 17, and 17 into 70 in less than 24 hours. Things got real. Even before we hit 70 the government decided to close down all schools, theaters, etc, plus cancel all events with over 100 visitors and suggest people to quarantine themselves, stay at home.

We're quite a small country with the population of about 1.3 million people in total, so the speedy spreading is way bigger in proportion than in bigger countries.

People went mad, started stocking up on all kinds of stuff from bread to pasta to, I'm sure you've seen tons of memes about, toilet paper. Yeah, what is it with that? It's not like explosive diarrhea is a side effect of the virus, is it now? Plus with all those people panic buying in stores the virus can spread pretty easy there.


Because fuck logic, that's why!

Anyway, they closed down the schools... but they didn't close the kindergartens. Where is the logic in that? Isn't the immune system of a toddler weaker than one of a school kid? At least they suggested staying home with kids.

Okay, I get it, working parents of kindergarten kids would have it a tad difficult having to stay at home on workdays (unless they can work from home), but is that really worth the risk?

We have it a little easier - I'm still unemployed.

COVID-19 the Menace

Coming back to the point of this post - why the virus sucks (for me): it makes my job search even more difficult!

I was SO close to finally getting a job and then this happened. I got an e-mail from the potential workplace saying "Hey, (Name)! Because of what's been happening around the world lately, we've decided to postpone our search for new people a while. Sorry. You and your family stay healthy! With good wishes, (Name)." Woo-pee-doo...

That was a place I already went to an interview at AND a try-out day. Okay, to be honest even though the job would be a totally new experience for me (soldering, etc) and the company is pretty cool, I was not feeling as hyped about it as I feel like I should have been.

Luckilly I have another option - I went to another interview like a month ago and they gave me a call later. They said they really liked me and would love to work with me BUT they fucked up their time planning and they actually need a new worker in a couple of months, not right away. So I'm waiting for a call from them and applying to more jobs in the mean time.

Still it would be great if I got hired ASAP - my unemployment's lasted over 5 months now... and I've only got three fiddy on my bank account!

At least I have a week long IT-specialist course that I've been waiting for since January next week, right?


Nope! That is also postponed for an uncertain amount of time! :)
First the incapability of my old Unemployment Center consultant, now the Corona virus. Am I EVER getting that course? I really feel like I would LOVE to work as a local helpdesk IT-specialist in some company in the future. Why is life making it so hard for me?

You suck, COVID-19! You REALLY suck! You're such a big doo-doo head! Stop making everyone miserable and go learn to be a better virus! (Can a virus be good at all?)

Today we hit 135 cases. The government closed the borders.

What dick move has COVID-19 played on you so far? How much TP do you have stored for your bunghole? Spare me three fiddy?


I'm thinking of offering my goods delivery service to rich guys who are afraid to go out, charging a fortune. Someone is gonna need to hunt for TP and oatmeal for them, right :)

Bolt, Wolt and grocery e-stores are looking for a lot of helping hands right now I presume... ;)

I just decided to dig a hole behind the tree in the back yard for my world end bunker, pre-accepting application forms already. so I can vet y'all and see how big I have to build this thing.

We'll bring the gaming consoles and guitars!

Don't forget to bring multiple controllers :P


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