Meme The News // Random Ass Radio Tonight at 8pm Easten on MSPWaves

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Meme the news is a regularly scheduled radio broadcast on mspwaves mostly talking about politics and culture. Tonight it has a special purpose. Making memes for the community regarding the hostile governance takeover by Tron!

Narrative control is quite possibly the most important aspect of population control. The fake news media spends millions and billions of dollars to pump out fake news to control the narrative so they can control downstream power structures like government. To counter to all this fake news activists have created a low cost tool that devastates bullshit narratives: memes.

Memes cost nothing to make, go viral, destroy the narrative, and are fun to make. On steem you actually get paid to meme. So, tonight will be all about making memes about our current hostile takeover.

The fact is we're being occupied and one proper peaceful resistance is meme creation and dissemination.

Welcome to vietmeme.

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Powerful witnesses...

Magna carter section 61 lawful rebellion

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That's a funny image.

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