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LBRY is a great alternative to YouTube. Anyone in the video world as a viewer or creator should be aware.

Interface is great, content is getting there, annnd the earnings are very interesting, especially since their coin, LBC, has been on a tear, up around 400% in the last month. It currently trades at $0.057 per coin.


Another thing to be aware of is their Daily Watch Reward, where you can receive between 1-100 LBC every day just for watching a video.

Definitely check it out if you haven't.
You are invited:$/invite/@LionSuit:f

A Few Videos From Lion Suit's Channel

Majestico "Boom Boom" Live

Chill Witch "Forever" Music Video

Lion Suit Dreamscape - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

Be well.
(words and screenshot are original, meme is original and made from images via pixabay)
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The great thing is that LBRY isn't the only project working on this. There are many blockchains already working on few different kinds of approaches including

This is true. I haven't used 3Speak as much aside from simply setting up my account. Seems like a neat platform though. The more YouTube competition, the better, I say.
Be well.