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RE: Extending our support to people in Venezuela

in #venezuela2 years ago

From my heart I just can say thank you very much. It's exactly this kind of expressions of solidarity that keep many of us developing our work.

Even for people that never wanted to write (or make videos or any cultural product), when they arrive here just as a measure to sustain their lives, they could actually become real bloggers (for the urges of their circumstances) and develop a meaningful work, if they are encouraged by such beautiful initiatives and efforts.

That has a high value. Thank you. I'm certainly going to spread this culture of solidarity (and reciprocity) in all my future projects.


Hi @spirajn,
I visited Venezuela 25 years ago and I've been told that things have changed so much that I wouldn't recognize the country anymore. I try to run this project to support people who have to face this situation by rewarding them for their creativity and perseverance. I hope that I will be able to let the account grow and increase this help over time.

Welcome to the community!

Best regards