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RE: Extending our support to people in Venezuela

in #venezuela2 years ago

Another problem for people in Venezuela trying to post on Steem is that members of the Venezuelan government are being paid to use Steem accounts to harass, threaten, and stalk Venezuelans on the blockchain. They are trying desperately to prevent the people from saving themselves with better currencies, like cryptos.


I wasn't aware of that. I believe it is really sad to see a government turning on its own people...

Hello @drutter, I'm one of the new people supported by @achim03 and this project. Please could you give me some information about those incidents?

I'm going to send you an encrypted message to your wallet. You could read the message by logging into your account using your Memo Key.

You could answer me (also encrypting) by typing a hashtag symbol # at the beginning of the message.

You can also read and send encrypted messages simply by using the Steem Keychain add-on in your browser. It gives the option "Encrypt".

I'd appreciate very much any more info for my protection and my friends'.