The REAL REASON that the only big-pharma concotion that is free--VACCINES--are FREE!

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I've never really thought about this much before, but my good friends at have an excellent article out today talking about another taboo "healthcare" subject--why vaccines shots are FREE, when every other Big Pharma brew/mixture/pill/shot/"remedy" is insanely expensive, so much so that most people can now no longer afford private health insurance (which is complicit with the Big Pharma ponzi scheme in bankrupting the elderly.)

(Image courtesy of Ida Tarbell, an excellent author on the Rockefellers--kingpins of the petroleum-based "pharmaceutical industry.")

Here is that link:

Here are some pertinent and compelling excerpts:

"The flu shot is free because it nearly guarantees decreased cognition, critical thinking ability and systemic immune defense. The flu shot is free because it nearly guarantees you and your children will need to visit a “doc-in-the-box” 24-hour clinic near you or even an emergency room, while suffering from high fever, diarrhea, chills, and malnutrition.

The flu shot is free because it’s the fulcrum of the Allopathetic health Ponzi scheme that makes you sicker, even if you don’t catch the flu.

The flu shot is the ultimate scam, laced with deadly neurotoxins and advertised as 100 percent safe and effective, even though it’s never ever been tested in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies or any kind of peer-reviewed research.

The CDC doesn’t dare compare the influenza virus statistics between those vaccinated and those not vaccinated, knowing good and well what the results will reveal."

(Image courtesy of

So where is the outrage? Where is the "critical thinking" that modern education is always trumpeting? Where are the Congressional hearings into this MASSIVE PSYOP known as "modern medicine?" Oh, that's right...Big Pharma is the LARGEST DONOR to all the Congressional campaigns of those cretins who are supposed to be representing the American people, but, who, in reality, represent the vaccine pushers.

Step back for a minute and let the importance of this situation settle in. FEEL THE RAGE, then take action! Resteem this article. Take the link for it and send it to all your friends. Write a letter to the editor. Look up how much your Congressman is getting in Big-Pharma donations, and call them up and ask them why they are taking that money. JOIN or DESIGN a Big-Pharma protest in your area.

There is plenty you can do. Now...for the sake of your kids, and their kids...get off your duff and GET BUSY!

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