OUTBREAK at school with 100% VACCINATION RATE: Wakey, wakey vaxtards...

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This is the kind of thing that you would think would wake up people who have their hearts set on believing in and trusting big government, Big Pharma, the MSM, and the so-called "medical profession," when they repeat, ad nauseum, the mantra that all vaccines are safe and efficacious.

(St. Theresa Catholic School in Memorial Park. Image courtesy of sttheresaschool.cc.)

Check out this link:


Here is an excerpt:

"A whooping cough outbreak has forced a school in Houston, Texas to close early for the Christmas break. The school, St. Theresa Catholic School in Memorial Park, will be closed until January 6th. The outbreak has not only affected the students but also the staff. Some children have also been hospitalized as a result, the Houston Chronicle reports.

It’s one of multiple instances that point to the idea that whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is not indicative of a failure to vaccinate, but rather, a failing vaccine. According to Fox, 'Officials with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston said that 100 percent of students who attend St. Theresa Catholic School are vaccinated against the illness'.”

Fox News originally reported the story, though they have NOT been friendly to the "conspiracy theorists" who have been raising the same questions that the article writer is now citing. OF COURSE vaccines can and DO fail. In fact, there is strong anecdotal evidence that they fail more than they work, especially when it comes to the near-forced nature of the seasonal flu vaccines, which always seem to be "gussied up" WRONG when they guess which strains to add into them.

When another school (in Illinois) recently reported the same phenomenon of near perfect-vaccination rates followed by an outbreak (see here: http://uk1.unblockyoutube.video/index.php?q=m9nXqNduZmPd3a5inabJoc-dyqjVoJiqxqbK09GoZZmi0pKe06asoZeVpJmpqsacy2aXaZphaGqSosiV) parents in that community were dismissed as anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists, etc.

But, eventually, this will happen frequently enough that maybe the editorial boards at some of these local papers (and maybe even at Faux News) will change their tune and allow for some legitimate and healthy debate.

Nothing could be better for "public health" than that the light of true inquiry and real science be finally shown on the vaccination manufacturers and their government and media allies.


The first time I questioned vaccinations was before it was cool. My daughter's class had a Whooping Cough outbreak, the media blamed it on the unvaccinated kids.

However there were 8 confirmed cases, 4 kids were vaccinated and 4 were not.

This was 20+ years ago. So, while health decisions should remain private, and I don't hold a strong opinion on other people's healthcare decisions, they certainly don't work the way people have been lead to believe.

AND, of course, those decisions should be left to parents, not the government. Thanks for the comments!

Wonder why the biggest pushes for vaccines that don't work. Or the secret court for them...

The coverups for the injuries?

Vaccines are new and we are just understanding and learning their effects on humans every day.

Can't wait to see the next 10 years of health care. Going to be some amazing advancements.

But why do we need these if we have super drugs from cannabis. Antibiotic anti viral!!! And more. There is one chemical that helps reverse boneloss.

One day the truth with this will come out. The medical science will come out.

Let's hope so!



Haha! Great memes Rainbow Man!

Amazing memes! Thanks!

I'll say. Merck is one of many corporations that needs to have its corporate charter yanked.

That's an understatement. They all need to be charged for fraud, bribery, murder, and Nazi Eugenics and be given capital punishment. These criminals need to be lynched!!! We used to hang people in this country for a whole lot less so why can't we?

It may eventually come around to that.

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Very interesting. I don't wish anyone to get sick but if this keeps happening and the vaccinations are point out then people will start realizing the truth.

Let's hope. Modern people do seem incredibly susceptible to propaganda, though.

Very true and they get better at it all the time, the propagandists. Makes me realize how the world can be deceived by the Anti-Christ.

Indeed so, maybe even ESPECIALLY in dumbed-down "Amerika."

Yes, the sad truth!