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This is right out of my worst dystopian nightmare...But then, those are the people running the world right now...the hordes of little "big brothers" who are convinced that people are a cancer on the planet, and must be CULLED by 90%, and that they know so much better what is good for the peasants who pay their salaries than they do.

The plans are all in place to COMPLETE making EVERYONE SHOOT UP a mandatory situation...people of ALL ages, even if they don't frequent public places! Check out this link:

Here is a key excerpt:

"The vaccine manufacturers realize that cajoling politicians to write and pass mandatory vaccination legislation takes time. In the current climate, messy court fights ensue that may reach the US Supreme Court. The vaccine producers needed another way to secure full, unobstructed compliance for all: it will be the 2020 National Vaccine Plan (NVP), a federal program being fast-tracked into action after nearly a decade of development...

Big Pharma has long been laying out its TriPOD strategy, “Trial Point of Dispensing,” which was introduced through a FEMA drill staged on Pier 92 in lower Manhattan the day before 9/11. The plan is about streamlining the distribution of medicine during a terrorist attack. In the event of a real emergency – or false flag event – TriPOD will focus on the dispensing, tracking, and monitoring compliance which could include indefinite quarantine.

Last month, HHS posted a public notice on its website regarding the 2020 National Vaccine Plan Request for Information. It gave the general public a short nine (9) days to post comments."

You need to be aware of how all the tyrannical CRAP is tied together through the Big Oil-Big Government-Big Pharma nexus. This is not hyperbole. They are coming for your body.

Please read the rest of the article and pass along this link.


Here's another teaser from the link above:

"The rollout of 5G networks will come with an array of 5G high altitude drone platforms (already in testing) and a global 5G satellite grid that, once fully deployed, will be able to track every human on earth.

They will know your DNA.
They will monitor your vaccine compliance—with or without your mobile phone.
They will own your body and dictate your future.

From there, if they choose, they could cull the herd. Maybe not overtly – that would be far too obvious – but through sterility, shortened lives via cancer and infection with weaponized pathogens.

What might shock most Americans is that the 2020 National Vaccine Plan has been slowly designed since the end of World War II. Overseen by U.S. government infiltrators and warlords, the plan has intentionally ignored the Nuremberg Tribunal verdicts, the Nuremberg Codes and the Declaration of Helsinki. In her book, Operation Paperclip, Annie Jacobson describes in detail how Nazi biowarfare scientists were brought to the US and inserted into the U.S. pharmaceutical and vaccine program."

OK...are you starting to see how the elite work? GRADUALISM...and passing on their twisted world views from generation to generation. You can't bring down their plans without the intervention of HOLINESS and a HOLY GOD. This truly is, for the time being, the playground of the Prince of Darkness. DO NOT FIGHT HIM DIRECTLY. Fight him only after donning the full armor of God.

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Holy Smokes! They'll be able to track every person on earth! Well if that ain't right out of the End Times They're finally getting to where they can control everyone and if they can't control them they give them a poisonous vaccine.

Right on, dear brother. You're summing it up very well!