Steem Blacklist Notifier 1.0.10 - Now supports STEMGeeks, SteemLeo, Creative Coin, Weedcash, and SplinterTalk

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Version 1.0.10 of the Steem Blacklist Notifier Chrome Extension is live in the Chrome Web Store.

If you haven't auto-updated to 1.0.10 already, you are likely using a really old version and I recommend uninstalling it and going to the link above to reinstall.

What is the Steem Blacklist Notifier?

The Steem Blacklist Notifier is a Chrome extension targetting abuse fighters and curators to allow them to easily know when a user is on a Global Blacklist.

Did you know around 50% or more of the dApps on Steem use the Global Blacklist API in some way.

The Chrome extension queries my Global Blacklist API and provides a handy but unintrusive pop-up notification when visiting a profile, post, or comment pages of users who are on any of the blacklists supported by the Global Blacklist API.

The pop-up will display all blacklists the user is on and fades away in around five seconds.

What's new?

Support for the following tribes:

The Steem Blacklist Notifier extension already supports the following front-ends.

If you own a tribe and want to see yours supported, hit me up on Discord.

If you visit a user profile or post on any of these front-ends you will be notified if a user is on any of the supported blacklists.

What blacklists are supported?

  • BuildAWhale
  • SteemCleaners
  • Utopian-IO
  • Redeemer
  • MinnowBooster
  • Actifit
  • Oracle-D
  • D-Tube (New)

More blacklists will be added as they become available.

Why use the Steem Blacklist Notifier?

The main purpose of the Steem Blacklist Notifier is to allow abuse fighters such as myself, Steem Cleaners, Jaguar Force, and Steem Flag Rewards to easily know when a user is on a blacklist. It also helps curators easily know if a user they may potentially be curating is on a blacklist.

The unintrusive pop-up provides quick feedback when visiting blacklisted users content quickly warning users prior to engaging.

Want your blacklist featured in the plugin?

If you want your blacklist featured, contact @themarkymark on Discord or and I can discuss what is needed. I do not require any form of payment for this service but I do need to ensure the blacklist is compatible and can be efficiently integrated.

Don't have a blacklist for your community?

I would be happy to discuss this with you and help you get one setup. You can reach me on Discord or Steemit Chat. As with featuring a blacklist in the Global Blacklist API, I provide this service free of charge.


The Global Blacklist API is an interface for Steem related projects and services to be able to query multiple blacklist projects to identify bad actors.

How to use the Global Blacklist API

Want to use the Global Blacklist API in your project or service? No problem.

Check out the latest post on how to query the blacklist and use it.

As a user of the Global Blacklist API, you can choose which blacklists you want to subscribe to. As other blacklists are added you only need to update your blacklist choices.

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Hi @themarkymark,

Another excellent contribution and initiative of broadening the range of the Global Blacklist API and its notification extension.

It's surprising how many people still don't know that these exist but with thorough posts like these that's becoming an issue of the past. It's particularly vital to get the message around the importance of using the Blacklist API out now with so many functional front-ends for users to choose from. Incorporating their individual blacklists together like this is key. The fact that half the dapps support the API is also great to hear.

Also, taking the initiative and getting the new tribes helps ensure that the Steem ecosystem in its entirety becomes and remains resilient against abuse. Discouraging abusers by making it harder to abuse will continue to improve the user experience for normal, honest members. That, in turn, supports user retention and the health of the general ecosystem.

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Thanks gp.

Thank you for your review, @guiltyparties! Keep up the good work!

Right on! I will look into this

  ·  8 months ago Reveal Comment

This guy here marky
Is the problem! I bet i'm
On the global list!

                 - coininstant

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Points for you!

This post has been just added as new item to timeline of Global Blacklist API on Steem Projects.

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I'm on the list completely unnecessarily

You would need to talk to Minnow Booster as they are the ones who put you on the list.


Yes, I was punished for large amounts of transfers. I thought you came up with it:)

I build the Global Blacklist API and maintain it, but the beauty of it is that it hosts blacklists from many Steem projects which they maintain themselves but has one single API to work from.

it's a good thing, it would be great to be able to edit the list by the user, add uninteresting tags, alien political views, etc. taking time


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