Global Blacklist API Now Support SteemSTEM's Blacklist

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The Global Blacklist API is a personal project I work on to provide a consumable API interface to my blacklist as well as other blacklist projects.

Projects can choose which blacklists they want to use and are not limited to just my blacklist. For example SteemCleaner's real-time list available as well.

Global Blacklist API 2.0 added major performance changes as I received better endpoints for the blacklists I support.

This update adds dynamic support to @steemstem's blacklist and moves to python 3.7.3.

Dynamic Blacklists Supported

  • BuildAWhale
  • SteemCleaners
  • Utopian-IO
  • Redeemer
  • MinnowBooster
  • Actifit
  • Oracle-D
  • Smartsteem
  • D-Tube
  • SteemSTEM (New)

The Global Blacklist API is a dynamic real-time API that exposes the above 10 blacklists via an easy to use interface. There may be up to a 30-minute delay before our API exposes changes to one of the above blacklists. More blacklists for well-known projects are being integrated and will be announced when available.

Over 50% of Steem dApps use the Global Blacklist API in some form.

How to use Global Blacklist API



Method: GET
Description: Query user blacklist status
Sample Response:


Method: GET
Description: Query for Specific Blacklist
Sample Response:
[Full SteemSTEM blacklist]


Method: GET
Description: Query for All Unique Blacklisted Users
Sample Response:
[All users blacklisted across all blacklists]


As a user of the Global Blacklist API, you can choose which blacklists you want to subscribe to. As other blacklists are added you only need to update your blacklist choices. I recommend using a configuration parameter that allows you to easily specify what lists you want to look for, or just check if the user is on any blacklist.

Integration with Blacklist Notifier Chrome Extension

The Blacklist Notifier Chrome Extension fully supports the Global Blacklist API and provides curators an easy way to know if a user is on a blacklist and which one.

Blacklist Notifier extension supports the following front ends:

  • SteemPeak
  • Pariko
  • Actifit
  • PALNet
  • STEMGeeks
  • SteemLEO
  • CreativeCoin
  • WeedCash
  • SplinterTalk

The Blacklist Notifier is supported with Google Chrome & Brave browsers, Firefox support may come in the future.

Do you use the Global Blacklist API?

If you use the Global Blacklist API in your product or service, please reach out and let me know so I can gather a comprehensive list of projects supporting it. Last time I checked over 50% of popular dApps used the Global Blacklist API in some form.


The Global Blacklist API is completely free to use for any Steem project. No fees are charged for its use.


If you maintain a blacklist, please contact me on or Discord to be added. I will develop support for your blacklist and list it without charge.

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Dear @themarkymark, as you are my witness, i would like to know what is going between berniesanders and coininstant, yesterday i commented a post of Bernie and this crazy fellow start to downvoting all what i did right now, post and comments, but this is all right?

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Ok thank you, the important is he doesn't affect my reputation which i spend almost 2 year to reach over 60 and minnow....

He would likely need to devote all his VP for a week or more to move a 60 and it is easy to fix.

Ok thank you

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That's Steem for you...brand new service...already need a blacklist.

SteemSTEM is not new, they have been around for 3 years.

Oh god...I guess I need coffee...I read it as your new STEM community every single time. Jesus...

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Hi @themarkymark I just checked the API and it seems to be down, let me know if it has changed domain or I got the wrong URL.

HI @themarkymark loved your posts please also appreciate me my upvoting and following me as I can also upvote you in the future.

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Can you share the type of practices that warrant being placed on a blacklist? @themarkymark

I would personally like to know but it is also relevant to many other people, especially those from 3rd world countries since not everyone understands the difference between spam & content.

links that give good information on plagiarism and copyright


spam: content that is only made to provide context or draw viewers to a post for advertising, referral links or promotional links. this is my definition; others might have more to add.


Spam, Abuse, Fraud, Scams, Plagiarism.

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