How can you not love Utah?

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I called this place home for 2-3 weeks last year as I was camped right in this area with my airstream ... in fact less than a mile from this very spot.

I just published a gallery of images from fall along the Alpine Loop near Timpanogos
... Right now this is my favorite.

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hard to not love this.

in other note, did you just deliberately/accidentally give people access to beta of steempeak :)

Maybe "low key" or "sneakily" gave them access ;)

so should i change the link in my post to? :D

Beautiful landscape, I love the contrast of the trees and their different shades of green! It's a really inspiring picture! Greetings!

That's why the Jazz play that good this season ;)

I didn't even know they were doing great. I grew up in San Diego so i'm more of a baseball guy. But that's great for Utah that they're doing well.

Better than last season ;)

That's pretty! And whatttt you have your own airstream. That's AWESOME!

I guess that should be one of my upcoming posts eh? Haha

I would sure love to see it inside out :D

That’s an amazing shot, @jarvie!

Thanks... I appreciate the comment.

Stunning picture!

Amazing shot.

Wow that looks amazing. Utah is unexplored for me, yet :P

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