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This is near Moab Utah taken years ago and with the help of several friends that stood underneath the hard helping light it up... while I also lit up the foreground over by the camera.


In some good news the internal testing interface for communities is up and running to a point I'm happy using it so i'm giving it a test for the Picture A Day community.

@asgarth was working hard on it all last week while I was away in the Caribbean

Community Post Things I'm Still Wondering

I haven't really figured out how often I'll be posting to communities with my main account or when i'll start doing that. I may post with alts to do most of my testing. It also is gonna depend on how fast other interfaces get on board with communities.

For example this post is still gonna show up on the main for those who follow me in their feeds and also get put on my home page... same with and all the others.


This is actually one of my go to communities to post to. Just one picture a day and only one picture per post is the expectation.

Usually they aren't supposed to be posts with seperate themes other than the picture... so i'm kinda breaking the rules of the community. BUT... I'm an admin so i'll let it slide. It's early on with communities after all.

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the option to post or not on all frontends or just to community feels important. so we can check it out for picture of the day? will have to as soon i get home

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Brilliant work. Super Location, super clean and well balanced colors. You are welcome to join the Lightpainters United Community to meet other Lightpainters. 100% Upvote and resteemed.

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This is a Beautiful example of Light Painting. Creating these kind of shots together with Friends just makes it extra fun and teh result is super cool.

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If you need any more helpers on testing would love to help out.

We're almost to the point where we will have enough features in there to be viable as a sort of beta. (or alpha)

Wow! Beautiful combination of Lightpainting and Stars. ✨👏✨

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