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Way back in the olden days, OK, OK, in 2019, I saw a couple of posts doing the circuit discussing what was being called a "2019 Steem Round".

Turns out that a 2019 Steem Round is a pretty sweet looking 1oz Silver Coin designed by the very talented @edxserverus (you can click here if you want to know more about the origin of the design).

So I thought it looked pretty schmick, and decided I needed one (plus one for my daughter, plus another one just in case). I jumped on to and placed my order.

At that time they were still in production, so I knew it would be a little while before they arrived.

Fast forward to December and notification came through that they had been minted and were beginning to ship. Mine went out on December 11th.

Great, I thought, it will be waiting for me when I get home from my Christmas holidays at my parents place.

But it wasn't. That's OK. International Post to Australia can be a bit slow over the Christmas period. It'll be here shortly after.

But it wasn't.

I made some inquiries via discord to see if others had theirs yet. Many did, but not me.

After a while Ray Brockman reached out and we discovered that they had been shipped to my residential address rather than my shipping address due to a clerical error. Not ideal as I rarely check my home mailbox (that's why I have a separate postal address).

Anyway, I checked in at the local post office in case they had left a missed delivery notice in my mailbox or something, but no luck there and had pretty much just chalked it up to a being lost in the mail system somewhere.

Well lo and behold, what should be in my mailbox waiting when I got home from work yesterday? You guessed it.

These bad boys!!!!

20200227 22.52.35.jpg

How awesome do they look?? Of course the down side is now I'm going to have to try and track down 2017 & 2018 Rounds as well....

Wish me luck!

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Pretty aren't they?
Tracking down earlier coins isn't too hard. Trying to match serial numbers is a little tougher.

Matching numbers would be cool, and will probably try for moving forward, but not a deal breaker for getting the first two retrospectively

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I got lucky, and snagged #8 for all 3 years.

Nice. Do you know how many issued in the first two years?

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1500 in 2017 and 2018. In 2019 1500 were minted, but because only around half sold, the mint melted the rest down to recover the silver.

Cool. So if I went looking for 162, 163 or 165 in those years at least I'm not chasing a unicorn - they actually do exist.

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Yes, they're out there. @raybrockman would be your best source of intel on who might have them; but only if that person has publicly claimed ownership in the past (stackers being all privacy-centric and stuff)

Looking great!

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Any idea why it took so long? Did the Mail say anything?

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I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect it has probably been mis-sorted and came via Sea Mail instead of Air Mail, just based on December being a busy time of year when postal workers are a bit rushed, and the time it took to arrive.

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Yes, you might be right about it.

Aren't they lovely? If you figure out a way to get a 2017 and a 2018 let me know! I would love to have them, too.

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