We Never Know When

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I didn't have the time to look after my garden. See the okra pods dried out and the leaves are way too small now. I was looking after my husband in the hospital for about two weeks now. Me and my family taking turns but I had to be there full time. He had a surgery because they found a cyst somewhere in his kidneys and his colon could not eliminate wastes regularly so the doctors had to include that on the surgery too. Hospital bills getting bigger each day and we have exhausted all our resources. I didn't want to post his photos here so I used the okra in my garden instead. I know we can find ways to pay the bills. I am knocking on your generous hearts my friends maybe if you or someone with bigger voting power could like this post that would be of great help. Or maybe share this post so your friends can see it. I am looking forward for your help

Thank you.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I will share this post

Thank you my dear

We will pray for his speedy recovery

I appreciate it

God bless you and your husband I know help is on its way

Yes indeed. Thanks

God will provide. God bless

I agree. Thank you dear

Be sending a little pls check your wallet

That is so kind of you thank you