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Leaving the house to grab a
lottery ticket is in the past. 

Now you can get yourself a "LOTTO
and tune-in for the live
  drawing every Friday at 6pm (EST).

Whenever you purchase a "LOTTO TOKEN"
  you get to pick any number between 1 and 250.

Then, a random number generator
will pick the winning number.

To insure that there is no foul play, you
will always be able to view the drawing live! 
You can do so on discord right here.

The winning number will always be
drawn on Friday's at 6pm (EST).

To play you will need to
purchase one or more
      "LOTTO TOKENS" here.  

You can also receive three FREE
tokens just by sharing this post
  (limited to 3 tokens per drawing).

  After your purchase of one or
  more tokens, simply send it in (with
  your number(s) in the memo).

Pretty simple right?


  • Each "LOTTO TOKEN" costs 1 cent (USD)

  • If no one wins all steem will carry over to the next weekend

  • The pot will split if more than 1 person chooses the winning number

  • You may check EVERY PURCHASE through the explorer here

  • You can view ALL the winning numbers here

  • Next Drawing:   September 20, 2019

           Just by sharing this post you will be
          entered to win FIVE STEEM for free!

           (Maximum of 3 free tokens per drawing)

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    I reposted

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    Free tokens sent!


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    You cannot collect more free tokens until you have used the free tokens that I have already sent you. Also, you cannot try to sell the free tokens or you will be disqualified from any future drawings.

    Gotcha. I dont think i tried to sell those tokens I have already and I'll keep that in mind.

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