UFM and the UPFUND me tribe

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One of the investments in our fund has quickly taken the place as one of the backbone assets helping to support many activities and members at different levels. When the Fund identified #upfundme as a promising tribe, it's price had hit a low of 0.004-0.005 steemp per UFM. Today its hard to get a UFM for less than 0.01, and prices have surged up to 0.07 at times.

More than just the price increase, the growing community around building a strong economic backing for the UFM token, leads us to believe that our UFM stake will become a flexible tool to support builders in the future.

The Fund's UFM holdings at the time of this photo

We are encouraging our Fund members to use the #upfundme tag, in this way we can support the mission of those selected builders with our Fund vote.

We are still holding onto 7th place on the richlist, which is becoming more robust. Notice the ultimate UFM whale: @null

The fact that @taskmanager is busy coding a little bit each day is very promising. We first noticed that he was adding daily distributions to reward UFM staking, and by programming his own inflation sources outside of steem-engine, is able to mitigate some of the ENG costs.

Currently the progress has been made with the UFM discord games, which promote token burnings and the general health of the token economy, including for staking.

There is also the UFMM token, the sales of which go to support the inflation they produce. Unlike other lottery miners, UFMM each give 2 UFM each day, no matter how many you own.

Purely coincidentally, the fund is also the 7th ranked UFM miner.

this is not advice, just history Do you own research, and Grab some INCOME entertainment on the dex of your choice!

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I have a small UFM stake, hoping the tokens might offer a small boost to the fundraising efforts of our non-profit. I'm glad to see positive things happening... a lot of these SCOT tokens seem to become gradually valueless...

Will check this out. DO have some lofty projects that would love to be funded.

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You missed the best bit.
Getting liquid steemp for simply just staking