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They think they're patriots. But they're not. They think their cause is just. But it's not. They think their Great Leader cares for them. But he doesn't. They think he'll still be president on January 20th. But he won't. I think they're mad. And they are. Worse even...


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But they're not BLM or Antifa. The violent protesters who interrupted the official electoral count that would make the election results official, they are white right wing Trump supporters. In the most obvious and unashamed display of systemic racism, the response of authorities against these violent lunatics was woefully inadequate. As things stand now, there seem to have been shots fired INSIDE the United States Capitol on Capitol Hill, while Trump supporters stormed the House of Representatives. And the authorities mostly just stood by and let the Trumpists do their thing. Remember when Trump wanted do do a photo-shoot with a Bible in his hand? That day the peaceful left wing protesters were dispersed IMMEDIATELY with teargas and rubber bullets. When the protests are born from outrage over police violence against African Americans, the police are violent. When a mob of dimwit Trump supporters act out what essentially can be called an attempted coupe, they suddenly can't find the gas canisters, batons and pistols.

True, with the world watching, they eventually did find their teargas and flash-bangs; but by that time it was already too late. Trump was given a chance to try and calm his brainwashed supporters, with himself being responsible for most of the brainwashing, but, as expected, he did no such thing. Instead he sent a tweet in which he simply repeated the same lie that got this whole black page in American history started; he first complained about rigged elections and then politely asked if his supporters would please stop. Trump, and all Republican government officials that back him up in his insane claims are directly responsible for what happened today, and they should be held accountable. It's time to invoke the 25th amendment, the one that says that if the President becomes unable to do his job, the Vice President becomes the President. Trump should be removed from office immediately because he's clearly unable to prevent violence from his own supporters and instead only throws more gasoline on that fire when given the chance. And he'll keep doing so between now and January 20th, which makes him a clear and present danger to the nation.

I hope no one is surprised by today's events; this has been coming a long time now, this was to be expected. Mike Pence had to go into hiding from his own president's supporters because he was doing his job, because unlike Trump or his followers, he does understand the American Constitution and knows he can not overturn the elections. Today's count and meeting are purely ceremonial and the Vice President does not have the power to dismiss electoral votes for Biden. But because Trump and his sycophants repeated over and over again that they would take this chance to voice their grievances, and because Trump, even as late as yesterday's rally for the Republican candidates in Georgia, called on Mike Pence to do what can not be done, his brainwashed supporters are now angry at Pence. Trump said he would Make America Great Again, but all he's accomplished is that the world now looks at America and sees a Banana Republic. His supporters also went after the press today and vandalized cameras and audio equipment while shouting that "You're Not Welcome Here" and "We Don't Need This" and worse. Can you make a guess as to who is responsible for this behavior?

As I'm writing this, things are still happening and nothing is clear yet. After more than two hours a couple of flash-bangs just went of in front of the Capitol and I see some billowing smoke, but footage from inside still show protesters freely walking in and out and the Senate and House are still evacuated. I have no words. I'm not surprised but I have no words. Wait for Republicans in the media act surprised and ask questions like "How could America have lost their faith in America?" As if that's not entirely clear; it's the constant lies about election fraud and your Liar In Chief. Ah, there you have it already. Rick Santorum on CNN: "I don't understand how people lost faith in our country." Jeeeezzz... The Republican Party has now officially become Trump's party. And like Trump, they're a joke. A bad joke, but a joke nonetheless. Really? You don't understand? Give me and your country a break dude.

Well, that's enough from me for now. Excuse me writing this "on the fly" and as it's happening; when I post this later tonight this will already be old news and a lot more might have happened. Trump needs to be removed from office, but that 25th amendment won't be invoked I'm afraid, which will give him the chance to pardon the ones responsible for today's criminal coupe-attempt.

Shots Fired Inside the Capitol, VP In Hiding, Defense Department Blocking National Guard

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I'm just getting up to speed on this situation but damn this is ridiculous.

Citizens storming the Capitol for Universal Health Care for all Americans, storming the Capitol to end perpetual wars across the globe - I can get behind that!

But storming the capitol for a corrupt politician of the oligarchy (either right or left) is literally insane.

It's just sad to watch America disintegrate, it's economy destroyed, the predator class robbing the people blind and slowly but surely becoming a police state,

(ps. Cenk and TYT suck)

Citizens storming the Capitol for Universal Health Care for all Americans, storming the Capitol to end perpetual wars across the globe - I can get behind that!

Indeed, but that's a true revolution; what we see now is an ordinary attempted coupe. Storming the Capitol for real change that's beneficial to all people is good. But these people simply don't realize that they're storming the Capitol on behest of yet another beneficiary and protector of the status quo. They believe they're being revolutionaries, when in fact they're the opposite. It's so sad.

Thanks so much for responding my friend! 🙏🏼

It wasn't just people who are stuck on the right-side of the false left-right paradigm, in support of a corrupt politician that attended the rally and went into the capitol building (or attempted to earlier). There were people on the 'left' who were there. Why? Because they were protesting the blatant election fraud (which this author denies there is any evidence for) as that undermines their perception of a 'democracy' or 'free society', i.e. that voting equates to democracy which equates to freedom, or something like that. Letting the election fraud stand will destroy 'faith' in the election process and that image of 'democracy' or 'freedom' that they think America represents. I would say those people who stand opposed to the election fraud are more 'patriotic' than those who support it or deny it even took place. They may still be stuck in the false left-right paradigm, or stuck in a cult of personality, etc., but to be against the fraud of what's supposed to be an honest voting system is more of a good thing than not being against that fraud.

Hey thanks for commenting,
I think it's important to note that this was one of the earliest posts on the events in DC that I saw on Hive. I know we both agree on the 2 party deception and as I mentioned in my comments storming the capitol in defense of either wing of the US empire is insane.
Also, we've both written about agent provacateurs during the BLM protests in early 2020 and I don't doubt that there were agents amongst the crowd in DC. As this unfolds it seems less and less like a coup/insurrection and more of a political stunt so that congress can play victim and grant themselves more powers a la Patriot 2.0 or whatever they're going to call it.
On the topic of Voter Fraud - well it's not the first time that a fraud was committed against the US public. There was 2000, there was 2016 DNC fraud against Bernie and to be totally honest the electoral college is a giant fraud to begin with. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, the US is an oligarchy and elections are nothing more than a paegent show served up every 4 years to continue the illusion of a democratic society.
It's disappointing but even when people are awake to the false left/right paradigm it's all to easy to slip back into our former tribes depending on the latest political developments.

Yup, it's all a joke. Vote fraud happens all the time, by both sides no doubt, it's just sometimes its more evident that others. Voting is just supporting the slave system to have new masters rule over us. Never voted, never will.

Bad men are hunting power anyway. We should stop them and elect good men;

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say, but I agree 100% that good men (or women) should be elected, and that's neither Trump or Biden; Biden is merely the lesser of two evils...