POEM : Letting Go...

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The love that we had was so wonderful
All the memories shared were so beautiful
Our story that everybody would love to read
If turned to a book , i'll purchase one indeed

But all those has suddenly became history
Something to look back like an old diary
I wish i can get back to the very first page
When we are still on our very "in love" stage

Considering things to be "past" is not easy
Our happy moments are all in my memory
Even bitter moments for me are so lovely
Maybe that's how i take things positively

Relationship may last but memories will stay
Have to start telling myself that am just okay
And I know i have to be strong and breakaway
Moving forward and let my feelings fade away

You and Me , sorry , we have to end the show
Measuring our romantic level, it's already low
Things are packed i gotta get back home
Goodbye for now.. I am letting you go


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for you

HUGOT pa more

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hahaha true nay wala na ko maisip na topic sa poem ko hahaha


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Zephie - are you ok?

hi papsi, thanks sooo much , i am very much okay po. the poem is just an imagination , i can't think of other topic that night i was writing hahaha. But i really appreciate you papa bear , means a lot , bear hugs!!! 😘❤️

💖 Amazing poem, you have a wonderful imagination!!

Hang lalim ng poem na ito...

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lalim ba ate? hehe. madaling gawan ng story pag sad eh. wala maisip na topic for poem hehe

This was beautiful & well written! Just a quick side note, I'm using eSteem for the first time & was trying to upvote you. The darn thing tried to downvote!! 😑😑 Ugh. So I sent an upvote to "cancel" it out and show the upvote bigger than the dumb downvote. You got a thumbs up from me! 🤗♥️

hello @pixiepost , no worries at all , i appreciate your kind words.. thanks for stoppin' by 😘

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