It's okay to not be perfect!

in OCD3 months ago

Everyone is different. We all have so different life, so different perspectives. It's totally okay to not be like others. And I would say there's much pride in being different.



But unfortunately, this is not acceptable in society, I know. Society demands us to behave the same, do the same and respond the same. And when we come out different everyone tries to make us feel awkward. Now the question is, should we go for 'trying to fit in' or should we 'feel totally okay to not be perfect'?

We need to understand that perfectionism comes with a fear of making mistake. It's never possible to do the best for us while having the fear. And there's no pride to be perfect. Rather, I believe our mistakes can lead us to greater success.

As a human, we need social approval, acceptance and need to meet social expectations as well. But we don't need to live on other's opinions. We don't need other's approval about our own choices to feel worth.

  • Change your mindset to be perfect.

  • Build your own strong self-esteem.

  • Always try to let it go.

  • Accept yourself the way you are.

And, most importantly try to improve yourself but don't try to be perfect. You can't get it 100% right. And what you are thinking is right may go wrong later. So, don't worry much if you can't do everything perfectly. But try to improve your skills and knowledge. It will make a better person and that's what matters most!