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RE: How Leofinance is Helping People that come from places with Unstable Economy

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It doesn't have to be a bad economy anywhere in the world. It is a choice everyone is making as a huge chain. It will require a huge movement in chain-link to have no more poverty. Solutions are offered all the time. What if we all continued to keep distributing our labors fruits to the world for free just like a tree works for free to give you the air you already breathe?

Love how nature solves our "problems", but how many are actually listening to her?


Today with 33 pesos I had left over from the 200 I had left over from yesterday, I just bought bread, 2 tomatoes, and dish soap. Yesterday with the 200, I bought: half a kilo of diced pork, 2 tomatoes (lol, this is a regular for me), tortillas, eggs, 10 gallons of purified water in one jug (10 pesos), 50 pesos of my medicine of choice (cannabis), eggs, and 8 burritos for 12 pesos each AND K-9 food (1 kilo, although the pork is also for the dog. She needs it more than me for her breast milk.).

Working as an electrician has its upsides, but also its downsides. It pays really well, but there is very little work going around. Especially around these times. So little by little I am focusing on being more here as a side gain. But Mostly here for the decentralization.

Thank you for the mention @theatdhe !