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In life as a social and human being we will always have the need to make decisions but we must be careful of the decisions that we are going to make since not every time we make correct decisions


I read this story of a man who happened hundreds of years ago and I really wanted to take it as an example for you to interpret and reflect on why we must be very careful when making our decisions so that later we do not regret
This also shows us that it does not matter how long we are spending to take them since if they are not the right ones they will always negatively influence our lives regardless of the time they occur

There man was a very prosperous in a city in the United States that had a bus company that connected from his town to a chain of towns and villages with the capital of the country. He was a singular man he did not know how to write but he had a natural ability to do business. That is why his companies grew and became more and more productive he knew how to surround himself with capable and honest people to run his businesses and as a good boss he never took his eyes off any of them he seemed to the king Midas what he played turned his home into gold It was not a wonder but he and his wife had a good time with their sons and daughters he liked to drink liquor and hang around with other women that cost him many times to be involved in blood clutches from which he always escaped but not all battles are won named money political protection.

One day the Second World War came, the entire industry of the United States feverishly turned to the manufacture of equipment and machinery for wars there in his country and this man began to run out of spare parts without tires without gasoline and little by little the company was leaving disintegrating just a few months before the war ended that desperate man sold everything he had and sold it to the lowest bidder fortune wasted away! the family broke old age came and with it the death the sons of this man did not receive any inheritance a desperate decision regarding a temporary circumstance brought permanent consequences in the life of this businessman and his family.

This story shows us that we should not make decisions when we go through desert or anguish desperately, we must seek the direction of God who will wisely advise us through his word and will indicate the correct path

Psalms 143: 8
"In the morning make me hear your mercy, because I trust in you; teach me the way in which I must walk, because I raise my soul to you."

God is an expert in teaching us the right way when we look for him with all our heart because sometimes we find it difficult to make decisions but we have a good and merciful God who will guide us wisely to make the best decisions

Psalms 16: 7
"I will bless the LORD who advises me; in truth, at night my heart instructs me."

God is our greatest advisor and he instructs our way with wisdom and grace even when we sleep and our life is the best company the most valuable thing that He could grant us

The best company in life is life itself, your life was not designed to be something temporary but something permanent and eternal, that eternal life can be lived in one or two places: heaven or hell, where are you going to spend your eternity? Did you already make the decision?
God is the only way to make that decision, there are decisions that we urgently need to make and this is the salvation of our souls

But the other decisions of life we ​​must make in the favor and grace of God, despair in times of crisis and making decisions outside the will of God does not lead us to a happy ending.


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