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Heya Warrior's

This week splinterlands weekly challenge is Water Elemental. Water splinter has always been my favourite splinter. I like each and every monster of water splinter. Water Elemental is one of those monsters which have a strong ranged attack. Water Elemental has self-healing ability and it has doge ability as well. You can use it in the second position if you have a fear pf snipe attack and you can also use it in the last position if you think there can be a sneak attack. Because of its doge ability, there is a high probability of miss-hits and also it heals itself which is pretty cool.
My Water Elemental is level 6 and it is not maxed because of the high prices of Alpha edition :P XD but it is still badass at whatever level it is. I don't use it more often but, a battle I am going to show I had no choice other than using Water Elemental. So you can say I was forced to use Water Elemental :P XD.

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs JunoKeo

My Line-up

Lord Arianthus

I was given heavy hitters rule along with a 27 mana cap. I used Lord Arianthus in the first position. Again I am using Lord Arianthus in the first position :P that I am not sure what to say now XD

gif sp.gif

Kelp Initiate

I used Kelp Initiate in second place. I really like this 2 mana monster. I was given heavy hitters rules so just to cleanse stun ability I used it in the second position. Also, it has triage ability which heals the back monster.

gif sp.gif

Mermaid Healer

I used Mermaid Healer in third place. Another monster with triage and cleansing ability. But she also gives strength she increases the +1 life of all the friendly monsters. Using two monsters of the same abilities you can imagine how much I like triage ability.

gif sp.gif

Crustacean King

I used the Crustacean King in fourth place. The Crustacean King heals the first position monster also gives protection of +2 armour to all the friendly monsters.

gif sp.gif

Ruler of the Seas

I used Ruler of the Seas in 5th place. Ruler of the Seas has three cool abilities called silence, blast my favourite and silence abilities. Most of the time I use water splinter just because of this sea ruler.

Water Elemental
Last but not least I used the theme of the week Water Elemental in the last position. As i mentioned up there it depends where you want to place this card. I was expecting a sneak attack that's why I used it in the last position but my bad my opponent didn't use any sneak attacker.



gif sp.gif


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Very nice! I remembered that I have a good battle for this post! I will do it tomorrow :)

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nice do share the link

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@tipu curate

Love that triage ability! 🥰-carrieallen