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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: vegetables

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This morning I went to disconnect my chemo pump and receive hydration from the Start Center, and all went well. I feel fabulous after my 3rd treatment and I'm hoping they all go this smoothly, nine more to go. As we were making our way home from the treatment center, we saw an open air market and I pulled in real quick to see if we could pick up some fresh vegetables. We walked thru the whole market, with our masks on, and there was only one vendor selling vegetables, so Debbie picked up some tomatoes and zucchini for a recipe she wants to try out tomorrow. This was the first time I've been to a farmers market, and there was only one farmer there. I'll let you know how the recipe works out, I won't be able to taste any of it because I'm on a liquid only diet, but my sister will be coming over for lunch so I'll have her opinion. Have a safe weekend and love you all.

Freewrite and photo by Uncle Bruni

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I hope you're feeling stronger today and though you may be on liquid diet, having loved ones around you is some what the best remedy for the heart and soul.
Take care @wonderwop

I feel great, and I've been on liquid diets most of my life, so I can handle it. Thank you for stopping by @ireenchew 💕💕💕

Wow, only one farmer at the farmer's market! Are you on a liquid diet because of the thingy that landed you in the hospital?
Rooting for you!! I hope the next treatments will be easy on you and that stupid cancer goes away!

May you recover soon! I know it's really tough to go through all that. No matter what life throws at you just continue being positive. I pray that you may get better soon. Take care always!

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