Day-946-Freewrite Sunday prompt gout

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: gout

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I'm sitting here in the dark during a flash flood warning and a tornado warning for San Antonio, so I decided to do today's Freewrite. Ever since I received my stomach stint I've been on a liquid diet, protein drinks, pudding, jello, soups, and lots of water. I'm tolerating the liquid diet ok, but the best thing ever is I haven't had a gout attack in months. I hope I didn't jink myself! I get my attacks all over, my right ankle, wrists, and sometimes my elbow. I think most people get gout in their big toe. I remember my first attack, I thought I had broken my ankle and crawled to get to the toilet to pee. It was crazy painful. That attack lasted almost seven days. Once I was diagnosed with gout I started taking Allopurinol every day to lessen my attacks. I guess I could have changed my diet but I really like rare beef alot. I guess now I don't need to worry about having a steak anytime soon. Stay safe my friends.

Freewrite and photo by Bruni

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It is great to see you smiling despite the fact that you are in a liquid diet. I really love your spirit and I'm sorry to hear that you deal with pain and that you're going through all of this. My prayers go out to you. Take care of my friend and it's good to hear from you! Nice photograph of that smile 😃.

Thank you beautiful, I'm gonna beat this cancer shit if it's the last thing I do ! 🤣🤣🤣

Yes you are and I am praying it will be very soon. ❤🤗❤🤗

Take good care my friend and keep smiling 😀

You got it buddy. 👍

Great to see you @wonderwop! I know you love your food (don't we all!) but good to know the diet is having other benefits too.

I've dropped 60lbs. since January, not the ideal way but I'll take it. 😁

This Hemohim is some amazing stuff. I love it. It also addresses the issue you bring up. Please, connect with me if you want to get some.

Other than that, we here in LA saw a lot of rain in March, which is not typically a month when we get rain especially a down poor. It was neat because the skies cleared up with no smog around. And, since the lockdown, the smog hasn't really returned. It is pretty awesome.

Thanks buddy, I'll read up on it. 🙏


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i'm glad you feel better! stay safe