I'm In A Shitty Situation

in OCD4 months ago


I'm currently on 35% energy level as I write. Three days ago I had complained here about having stomach upset from the new year's day food I ate. I had suspected the mayonnaise I used in the coleslaw because it looked funny. Guess who still went ahead to use it? That's right. Me.
And I've been paying for my sins. I've been stooling since yesterday non-stop and I'm weak to my bones. There's also no appetite for food so I'm basically empty.

I took some medicine and they don't seem to be working. I dewormed too but that particular drug is currently getting me very nauseous as I can smell it from my gut. I couldn't sleep last night because I had to be in the toilet every 10 mins to relief myself plus it was too hot to even attempt sleeping.

All food was cooked by me and no one else is sick. My dad says it's worms overgrown in my tummy hence, the deworming I did earlier. Let's hope that's the case or I might have to go the hospital.

Literally shitting the life out of me. Pray for me guys, this is a very shitty way to die 😂😭😂😭


I think that's food poisoning. I have been getting them a lot when I moved back to my parent's home. I was prescribed allergic medication and some paracetamol to bring my fever down. I also drink a lot of warm ginger and turmeric for the home remedy.

I think so too. I feel better now after the medication. I'll drink warm tea before going to bed tonight

Poor you. Your stomach is trying to kill you 😅

I survived!