WATP Special Edition: Help Devastated Philippines Communities Hit by Super Typhoons Goni and Vamco

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Source: CNN

Hi #Hive,

Typhoon Rolly (Goni), a super tropical cyclone struck the Philippines last November 1, 2020. Many homes were destroyed which left 82,900 people displaced.

A week and half later, Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco), another powerful typhoon further wreaked havoc. On November 11-12, torrential rains caused flash floods which submerged more houses in many parts of the Philippines, particularly Luzon and Bicol regions. Many families were seen trapped atop their roofs waiting to be rescued. The people in these affected areas were already struggling to survive in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic but now they also have to deal with the aftermath of these storms.

Source: The Defiant.net

Ulysses increased the number of evacuated and homeless people to 180,000 and caused several deaths and missing persons.

For this week's #WhoAreTheyPhilippines edition, we'll gather upvotes and contributions to be donated to one of the charities helping the victims of those storms. As of now, we are considering Philippines Red Cross but we are also open to your suggestions.

Source: TopGear Philippines

In times of calamities, the PRC is in need of in-kind and cash donations. Although we appreciate monetary donations in order to immediately address the needs in the evacuation centers and in affected areas.

Help us rebuild these communities and enable them to get back on their feet. You can make a difference.

PHP 500 can help provide a hygiene kit for a family
PHP 5,000 can provide immediate cash for families to buy their basic urgent needs like medicine, and food
PHP 15,000 can go towards helping a family restore their livelihood
PHP 50,000 can go towards rebuilding a family home

Source: Philippines Red Cross

Source: ABS CBN

We count on you to help, whether with an upvote (please be generous and make it a 100%), a HBD and/or HIVE contribution, a reblog, etc... Our goal is to reach as many Hivers as possible and to be able to donate a generous amount for the people in need.
@whoaretheyph will participate with a 100% upvote on this post and and HBD 5.00 contribution.

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At the payout, we will send all (HBD payout + Hive Power + contributions) to the selected institution. We will also show the breakdown of the post payout and contributions along with a proof of the money transfer.

Show your support by helping the affected Filipinos today!


These are heartbreaking photos :( Stay strong Filipinos.

Thanks for this inspiring initiative guys. Upvoted and sent 10 Hive. I am also going to feature this post in my latest upvote giveaway for more visibility.

@phortun, thanks a lot for the support and the 10 HIVE. Very much appreciated.

I just sent you HBD 20. Please allocate HBD 10 for the special edition and the remaining HBD 10 for future WATP Features.

Noted, thank you for your 10 HBD contribution to this post and 10 HBD for future features.

Hey, thank you for doing this WATP 💖 I sent 2 HBD to extend a little help. So proud to see that Hivers are making contributions to the "real world". This would definitely help our fellow kababayans in need.

Thank you so much, I have received the HBD 2 and will add it to the contribution.

Ohhh this 2020 is really a year to forget...
Looking forward to better times for whole World.
Photos here looks just devastating, hope Filipino community is as strong as the guys representing their country here on Hive. If that is the case, they will win this battle for sure.

Such a beautiful country which is definitely on my travel list

The Filipinos are very resilient and so I'm sure they will eventually bounce back but right now some families are in dire need of help. Covid19 had already greatly affected their livelihood but now, they have nothing left at all.

Thank you for you 10.009 HIVE contribution. Very much appreciated.

Sent a 10 HIVE tip. I hope it will help somehow. So sad to see what happened. 😔

@glecerioberto, I have received your 9.9 HIVE contribution. Thank you very much.

checking your stats report I see that I have 6 HBD remaining. Kindly apply them all to this special edition. I'll send some more for the weekly feature. Thank you for all that you do 😉👍🏼

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Noted, I will add your remaining 6 HBD to the contribution for the victims of the typhoons. Thank you very much.

I also confirm receiving 10 HBD for future features. Thanks again.

When I heard about it in the news, I had to think about all the people you showed us and about the Hivers I know from the Philippines. Life really isn't fair.

Every little bit helps, so take a !BEER and sell the token :)

You are unfortunately right. Life is not always fair.
We, in South Cebu, have been lucky as we didn't suffer the effects of the storm but this is not the case for the north of the Philippines were the damage is considerable.

Oddly enough I was watching some footage on floods and other disasters the other day and the Philippines featured quite heavily in the floods. These photos are unbelievable! I've never seen anything quite like it.

Here in the Philippines, a lot of it is unfortunately caused by humans and the deforestation. It may not have been so bad if there were still trees on the slopes of the mountains, At least in some areas.

I can't say I'm surprised.


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So devastating and sad to see this year i think we all want to forget , stay strong you people over there in the Philippines . God Bless 💖

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Thank you for the efforts!

@josejirafa, thank you for your 4.95 HBD contribution. Is this all for the typhoon victims?

@wandergirl, thank you for your 9.90 HBD contribution. Is this all for the typhoon victims?

Yes please. All for the typhoon victims. 😃

Noted, thank you very much.

@romeskie, thank you very much for your 10 HBD contribution.