The Celestine Prophecy - Life Changing...

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WOW what a book !


This story starts about two years ago when I moved into my old place back in 2017 (haha nice to be able to say that now I have my new place finally). The landlord left a few books one being 'The Celestine Prophecy'. Now I didn't think much of it as I was reading another book and just left it to sit on the shelf. It wasn't until I have heard this book mentioned on a number of occasions by various different people I clicked I had it on my shelf. I dug it out and then it sat on the side and still kept popping up in conversation. Eventually I got around to reading it and boom it all made sense! The first think in it was synchronicities well that was a synchronicity in itself.

Without ruining the book too much it about the combined human consciousness and how to connect into it. The main focus is the lost manuscripts that explain what many of us have been considering and connecting with for a while. Nearly every page turn you are hit with a revelation that clicks with you on a level you just can't explain. Then it explains this exact revelation in a simple way that hits you like a fresh autumnal breeze.


I'm not giving anything away that is not on the cover. But this book will come into your life when you are ready as it did for me. You may think you read my posts and of course seeing this post is nothing special, but mark my words after reading this post the book will pop up again and again until you read it. I would say it's a must read for everyone. Yes some people are not ready to take it all in yet but we are getting there.

Find this book and read it it will either be a mind blowing experience that opens so many possibilities or it will wrap everything together that you have been wondering and experiencing recently. I have left this book on the shelf in my old house where I found it in the hope the new tenant will enjoy it and open their mind too. It's a book that will change you, it will develop you even excite you with the future possibilities for humanity. ##Enjoy!

I just want to finish with a poignant passage for me:



Check these out, they work well for me:

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Ooh I'm intrigued. I had heard the name of the book before but had never heard anything ABOUT it. Maybe I'm supposed to read it now! :D

You wont regret it, it will appear 💯🐒

one of the few books, which gave me perspective into the new age...

Great to hear a wonderful book I hope more read it 💯🐒

I read this book years ago, when it first came out! Goodness - that's over 25 years ago! Everyone was reading it, and I could hardly put it down. Even my dad read it and had his mind blown by it, which seemed crazy, as he was a very conventionally-minded accountant.
I might give it another read and see how its "prophecies" look 25 years on.

Indeed a masterpiece i'd say one of my quickest reads. It makes so much sense. I am looking out for the next in the series to read now 💯🐒