Did you notice something missing on the emoji list on MeWe?

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If you are also on MeWe: Did you notice something missing on the emoji list on MeWe?

I did. I don't see then gun emoji any more. Typing :gun: seem to still work but for how long?

WeWe Emoji.png

Many social media sites and operating system have replaced the gun emoji against a water pistol as part of restricting free speech and increasing social (in)justice on their platform.

This is unlike GAB, which is uncompromising free speech, and has a collection extra guns as custom emoji.

GAB Emoji.png

As such I suspect removing the gun emoji as a sign that free speech is coming to an end on MeWe and is replaced with social (in)justice.

If you are on MeWe for the free speech it might be time to reconsider your options.

If you are looking for alternatives I have few gun related groups and communities for you:

Sadly the Hive groups are fairly inactive.


Look at that list of murder weapons on MeWe!

Any other way apart from firearms is still available.

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Not surprising they would be following the lead of the other Chicom run social media overseers.


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PeakD doesn't seem to have a gun icon in its collection either. It has cameras though. So if you want to shoot... 📸

PeakD has an icon collection? Didn't know that but now that you mention it: 🔫 — replacing the gun with a water gun is pretty typical on most operating systems.

Note MeWe uses Emoji instead of up and down votes. So removing an Emoji has quite some significance.

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