Diamond Princess Infection Control Procedures 'Completely Chaotic' - Infection Control Specialist Overridden by Bureaucrats

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The Diamond Princess cruise ship was prevented from disembarking passengers after some passengers were diagnosed with COVID-19 at port in Japan. ~3700 passengers and crew were quarantined on the ship, and we have watched as the numbers of infected have risen to over 500 with only ~2000 of the cohort tested.

An infectious disease specialist at Kobe University Hospital, Kentaro Iwata struggled with bureacrats to work on the Diamond Princess. Apparently some high powered institutional player(s) didn't want him on the ship.

Anyone that is familiar with the Peter Principle will feel their Spidey Sense tingling, and Japan is notorious for it's cultural imperative that so overrides people's natural behaviours and rational actions that an epidemic of 'Hikikomori', or (mostly) men that have given up on normal social relationships and family life, have deeply impacted Japan's demographics and economy.

The infectious disease specialist noted that passengers diagnosed with COVID-19 were not restricted to 'red' areas, and undiagnosed, asymptomatic cruise customers were not wearing PPE, and neither were crew, with a rigorous standard for preventing infection. A health officer onboard was certain they had been infected, and no longer made attempts to prevent becoming infected.

Bureaucrats not sufficiently trained to do so were specifying quarantine protocol, and weren't implementing SOP for infectious disease management developed during outbreaks of Ebola, SARS, and other diseases which Mr. Iwata had worked on.

After the one day he gained access to the Diamond Princess, on or about February 18, 2020, he was ejected from the ship, and states his recommendations for nominal infectious disease protocols were unwelcome and rejected by those in charge of the quarantine of the Diamond Princess. He is very concerned he was exposed to the contagion due to the haphazard procedures, and has quarantined himself for two weeks to prevent transmission of the coronavirus to his family and those he would be exposing in his work.

Here is the video he made to explain the situation.

Edit: Gaaah! I hope some of you got to see the video before it was taken down. I dunno where to find a copy. I'll see if I can find one and replace the Youtube source.

Even if the Diamond Princess air recirculation system was adequate to prevent spreading the pathogen, instead of the ideal vector for airborne transmission, the protocols deployed in the quarantine were incapable of preventing transmission from infected to disease free people. The Diamond Princess was a 'COVID-19 Mill' that has now caused ~20 severe cases, and perhaps one death (I have read one person has died, but none of those claims were sourced, so I have not determined the verity of the claim), and another ~520 or so cases of infection.

The WHO, I'm looking at you. @theouterlight points out that despite research revealing over a week ago that the pathogen causing Kung Flu has been revealed to remain viable on surfaces for up to nine days, the WHO website continues to state it is only viable for 'a few hours or more'. The failure of the WHO to promulgate sensible infectious disease transmission protocols, it's praise of China's handling of the outbreak, which has included the censorship and arrest of many, many professionals like Li Wenliang who have revealed inadequacies of the government's response and the initial outbreak itself, harsh abuse of civilians contributing to the misery of China's hapless subjects during an epidemic, and the failure of the WHO to declare the epidemic a health emergency of international concern until January 30, 2020, have contributed to the spread of this disease and the death and suffering of people affected.

@theouterlight also notes the WHO seems more concerned that people are discussing what potentially factual evidence they can find regarding COVID-19, and aren't just parroting the propaganda the Communist regime of President for life Xi Jinping releases, which the WHO treats as accurate, than with preventing pandemic. It is impossible that China, which does not have adequate ability to test and diagnose COVID-19, has simply barricaded whole apartment blocks, rapidly cremated the dead who had not been tested at all, and undertakes draconian censorship of anyone revealing any information not approved by the CCP, is able to accurately determine metrics regarding how many are infected, or how many have died from COVID-19. The WHO is promoting that censorship and disseminating disinformation following China's lead instead of honestly and forthrightly revealing what is factual, and what is not known.

The simulation of a coronavirus outbreak that was conducted by Johns Hopkins and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation mere weeks before this actual coronavirus outbreak stressed censorship and control of the narrative in order to safeguard the wealth of the investor class during that pretend epidemic, and we see the enemedia obviously doing exactly that today, just as they're told.

The only hope today that a global pandemic is not underway is research that reveals China has tested SARS vaccine on it's subjects (or that there's some difference in susceptibility between Han Chinese and all other ethnic groups, i.e. ACE 2 expression), and that vaccines for virii with that 'spike protein' cause higher morbidity and mortality through the very pneumonia symptoms that seem to be what causes most of the deaths of victims of COVID-19. All, or nearly all, of deaths outside China appear to be Chinese expats or tourists, which raises the possibility that it is prior vaccination only China has undertaken for SARS that may be causing the pathogenicity observed in China, but not elsewhere.

It has been over a month since draconian quarantine and governmental social controls were begun by China, and doubtless millions of potential victims of that incompetent barbarity have escaped to the rest of the world. The longest reported incubation time is 24 days, and the mean is reported to be only 3 days. While much of Africa and the Third World simply could not adequately test and report on infections, the fact is that such places aren't having epidemic of existentially harmful ILI at all.

Indeed, the US CDC has revealed that ILI (influenze like infections) are divergent from other years, and there has been a marked incidence of pneumonia deaths. It's quite possible that COVID-19 is sweeping through the US civilian population undetected, because the US did not test SARS vaccination(s) on it's people as China provably did, and we're not testing for COVID-19.

We may never know the truth. It is utterly obvious that China won't tell us what they have done and when they did it, in fact arresting (and worse) anyone that does try to tell us. The WHO is fully behind the censorship and disinformation campaign Event 201 recommended, and the enemedia... Well, I use the term because it correctly describes that ilk. Trust in such official sources of information is ill advised, because it is proved over and again they don't tell the truth, and instead spread existentially dangerous lies.

Bureaucrats, rather than infectious disease prevention professionals, implementing whatever quarantine procedures they saw fit on the Diamond Princess, well reflects our global situation regarding pandemic prevention. I strongly recommend folks seek sources that are independent scientists or honest folk in positions to know what is actually happening. This is also true regarding reasonable actions to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, because the WHO has failed to provide factual information and recommend rational infectious disease protocols continually during the Kung Flu epidemic.

Rabid statists that will rail against this recommendation can rail to their heart's content. Until they put facts before politics, their rants will remain as fictional as the integrity of governments, banksters, and enemedia around the world today.


i feel that the WHO is trying their hardest to spread this as far and wide as possible with the most highlighting of suffering that they can.

It is either extreme incompetence, or a nefarious plot.

When I think about the folks I've worked for and how little they pay me to work, and how much they expect for the money they've paid, and then think about how much these politicians and administrators of global institutions are paid, I am extremely dubious their bosses would hire and pay such morons so well.

I am utterly convinced that they constantly feign idiocy, so we don't believe they're malevolent.


You know what idiocy looks like....just watch people who'd pay thousands of dollars as they are boarding cruise ships.

I figure the princess is gonna be a new catalyst for this thing to blow up again, in Japan but also probably elsewhere.

There are over 200 canadians on that boat who are "not sick", and who are gonna go to Canada on Friday. They will likely spread this thing because no one in the health community nor govt is taking this thing seriously.

All the talk about COVID19 is about, "dont panic", "no worse than the flu".

Yet the data tells a different story.

Educate yourselves people and get prepared. If in 30 days its over then you'll have prepared for nothing but better that then the alternative.

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The old adage 'Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.', remains as true as it always was.


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This is a great rundown. I wish I had read this before I made my video, because I covered the Diamond Princess and the doc today, in part. I think that this is just a mess, and really does show us - that whatever the WHO is doing, they are the equivalent now to a lame duck, whose recommendation - and I have no doubt Japan consulted with them heavily - are pretty much useless. I could overlook that, given the situation being so fluid, if it was not for the fact they are open authoritarians and pro mass censorship - and deranged to think that is their job - I get the fact that managing panic is one thing, but the prior shows how incompetent they are at that, and how archaic their methods are - they should be instilling trust and leadership, by showing trust and leadership - but they go on the campaign trail to tell Facebook, google and the same bunch of brown coats to break more doors down., the sad fact is, the Diamond princess has shown that the WHO, "and their three weeks to land in China, and not even be able to visit the hotspot", that they are just lame ducks. Great post!

I'm glad you covered this. My video source is taken down, and I note yours is still up. Do you have a copy or source of the video? My post is broken without the video in which the infectious disease specialist himself details the facts I discuss.

I absolutely agree with you about the WHO, but I confess I am more cynical. I don't think their bosses would pay complete morons to utterly fail at doing the job. I think they're acting like morons so they fail to provide us good counsel to keep us safe from these illnesses, because that's what they're paid to do. They're not paid to keep us safe. They're paid to not keep us safe, and that's why they're still being paid while we are not safe.

If I was their boss and I wanted to hire people to keep us safe, I'd have never hired them, and I'd fire them immediately and hire someone competent. I don't think rich people get rich because they're stupid and incompetent, and rich people are the bosses of the WHO. All the rich people I've met (well, richer than ordinary people, not as rich as the bosses of the WHO) are damn smart. All of the scumbags that work in politics and the courts I've tangled with are damn smart too. They're total scumbags, and they'd steal the air if they could get it in a bag, so they'd totally steal all the money super rich people have if rich people weren't smarter than them.

The WHO is paid by really smart super rich people to act completely incompetent so that we won't realize they're malevolent, and not keeping us safe on purpose, and their bosses are paying them to do exactly that.

They're lying to us, and that's why we don't believe them, and go look for information from sources that aren't lying to us. Then the WHO censors us. They're not censoring us to keep us safe from liars - they're the liars! They're censoring us to keep us from finding out the truth, and protecting ourselves from the illness they're trying to get us sick with by lying to us about it, and keeping planes flying, borders open, and people out of quarantine when they're shedding virus.

They're not stupid and incompetent. They're evil and murderous, and they're lying to us on purpose so that we won't survive. That's the only reason they've been hired to do the job, and the only reason they haven't been fired for doing such a shitty job of keeping us safe from pandemic.

The people paying them are getting what they want, and we know that because they're still paying them. They wouldn't pay them if they weren't doing the job well. You ever have a boss that paid you to do crappy work? What did your boss do when you did crappy work? He fired you.

The WHO hasn't been fired. They're doing this on purpose, and that's what they're paid to do. They're not incompetent bumbling morons that somehow the megawealthy are too stupid to not pay to run the WHO. That's insane. They're extremely competent at dissembling and appearing to be trying and failing, in order to lie to us and keep us from protecting ourselves from contagion, so that we'll die. That's what they're doing, and that's what they're getting paid by really smart really rich people to do.


Bureaucrats, rather than infectious disease prevention professionals, implementing whatever quarantine procedures they saw fit on the Diamond Princess

Those bureaucrats did the proper protocol when it came to that ship. They quarantined everyone to it....it's a sad but true reality when is comes to viruses on ships by the time it's discovered it's way to late. Why people even get on those ships is beyond me, they are notoriously known for the ill health effects if a virus comes aboard. You don't tell anyone here that those in below board cabins are all breathing in recirculated air from the same system. Japan was just suppose to let everyone disembark? World governments were just suppose to send planes to get these people without proper procedures and protocols in place to take these people? There was one couple who refused to the leave the ship, they had a luxury room above board, had plenty of fresh air, had a deck they could go sit out on everyday, they said there was no way there were going to get on a plane full of people they had no idea if they were sick along with the ones who had been diagnosis-ed as sick and breathe in recirculated air.

All, or nearly all, of deaths outside China appear to be Chinese expats or tourists, which raises the possibility that it is prior vaccination only China has undertaken for SARS that may be causing the pathogenicity observed in China, but not elsewhere.

What about the forty thousand people who have survived? You continually ignore that this is not a typical influenza. The very nature of it being classified as a corona virus makes it more virulent. Short of any possibility of being lab manufactured this virus had/has the potential to mutate into a more virulent strain.

In essence what you people are trying to say is because on Dec 1 China implemented a mandatory vaccine regiment that thousands upon thousands of Chinese showed up in a extremely short period of time and got a shot based on scientific bad research over the years that clearly showed that you could not create a vaccine for a corona virus in the same manner as other influenza's as when done so it created a greater chance of lung deterioration via pneumonia's. This is easily debunked by your theory that victim 1 died that day as it would have taken more than a day to kill him.....and the very fact you obviously missed the fact stated that this individual had to have become infected prior to Dec 1 to have died on Dec. 1, so yeah he was expired before he could set up that oh so important mandated vaccine appointment. Furthermore the mere implication that the Chinese government decided to go ahead and vaccinate thousands of people knowing full well that you couldn't inject a lab grown virus into individuals to initiate an immune response against the live virus without causing detrimental effects decided to do so at the prospects of great economic loss if it backfired. It simply does not add up. I would assume that if the worlds most prestigious scientist were all on the same page that in order to create a vaccine or fight off a corona virus that would entails finding a way to destroy or block the s spike factor that China wouldn't have just said "well do what you want but we are going to implement the bad science instead".

Indeed, the US CDC has revealed that ILI (influenze like infections) are divergent from other years, and there has been a marked incidence of pneumonia deaths. It's quite possible that COVID-19 is sweeping through the US civilian population undetected,

That is a flat out lie. You just don't expect that someone is going to actually go look. The rate of flu is below average still so far this year and the number of people dying from pneumonia from the flu is below the epidemic level.....you know they do have epidemic level standards from a reason as they can be reached with any typical influenza but that isn't being shown to be happening. All the flu cases that have been tested have come back as the standard influenza's, there hasn't been any other than those who traveled outside the US to China and one man who got it from his wife who had traveled to China have tested positive for a corona virus. There is a very distinct difference. In order to make the claims stated you'd have to be saying that absolutely no one got ill enough off a much more deadly and serious virus never ended up going to the hospital(s) or that they did go to the hospitals that there wasn't one intelligent enough person within the whole entire lab who could identify the s spike pattern of the corona virus, or last but not least that the whole medical profession across the whole country, every lab tech, every doctor, every nurse, every anybody who could overhear other's conversations are all in cahoots to keep quiet that a corona virus is sweeping across the country. Pleaazzzeee.