Blockchain Gaming - New approach with NFTs via LINK

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Good news for our Hive Games?

As the gaming platform GamerHash announces, they have integrated the course feed from Chainlink (LINK) into their own system. I would be very interested in thoughts by our gaming folks @aggroed @yabapmatt @risingstargame here on the chain. Please tag other gaming experts for opinions.

As Gamerhash emphasizes in a medium article, this should make it possible for gamers to control the value of transactions in real-time. For the company, this is an important step to further advance the trade with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the gaming scene. Above all, this should help to optimize the infrastructure and performance.

GamerHash is a popular platform for those gamers who want to mine or earn crypto currencies in a playful way. The special thing about the GamerHash concept is that players can share their inactive processor power. This improves the performance immensely. Two and a half years after its launch, the platform has almost 500,000 registered users.

The NFTs not only represent digital assets, but also fulfill their function within the games. They can be certain characteristics of characters, skins or equipment. Most recently, the South Korean block chain company PlayDapp also launched an NFT exchange. GamerHash also plans to bring its project to the Asian market. South Korea in particular is considered one of the most important markets for the industry worldwide.

Game developers also benefit

The cooperation will be beneficial not only for gamers but also for game developers. For example, Chainlink's verifiable random function (VRF) is helpful in distributing random rewards in the game. It is also possible to mint strictly limited NFTs. Users can then resell these on their own marketplace. Through this trading, the games often get an even higher level of awareness and popularity. For example, the sale of a Hyperion Card from the game "God's Unchained" for almost 60,000 US dollars made headlines. The co-founder of GamerHash, Artur Pszczolkowski, sees his company on a good way to become the "Amazon at NFTs". Daniel Kochis, Head of Business Development at Chainlink sees a unique opportunity to "improve blockchain games by using key price and data feeds outside the chain".

It would even be possible to use the NFT assets in several different games. This concept is called metaverse. If these are traded on secondary markets, it might be possible to achieve even higher prices for them.

The GamerCoin (GHX) token will be issued by GamerHash in Malta and sales will begin on well-known South Korean exchanges. In advance, GamerHash will sell its tokens directly to a limited number of buyers.


That's good news for the crypto and gaming world. The new economy is coming, slow but for sure :)

I don't understand what LINK is actually providing here, or for that matter, in most cases. I don't understand what "for gamers to control the value of transactions in real-time" could actually mean.

Good question, let us hope our gaming folks @aggroed @yabapmatt @risingstargame here on the chain have some answers - maybe also @knircky - I have no idea! I actually thought it links towards actual ownership

I would have to delve deeper to understand this too. Doesn't mean a lot on first read through.

I am not enamoured with the emphasis the article places on achieving higher prices for NFTs though. Crypto gaming should not be all about getting rich it should be more about getting a fair reward for time spent playing. When I see crazy prices like $60,000 dollars for an NFT it actually makes me a little worried as people start to take financial risks when they see things like that. Gaming should be fun not stressful and when you are trading NFTs at that sort of price someone's gonna get burned!

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I also saw this yesterday, and this is an awesome thing for mass adoption. Bummer they didnt do it on hive, but still..good steps!

Are you playing rising star already? Not much to win as yet, but who knows if it will

Yeah - I am in Rising Star kind of addicted - level 15 these days and have a EGO problem there :-) as in real life lol

Hahaha as always we are on the same page. Level 15 here as well busking my ass to world domination!

Level 16 :-)

17 is around the corner here ;)