Make your goal the compass to your success.

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Many people focus more on success. But take a moment and imagine that you are on a quest to find a treasure island and you need to find a chest full of gold.

Imagine you have a large map, and you understand part of the map, and other places are unknown to you. In the areas, you don’t know there are waters, mountains, and many hurdles you have to pass through.

You began the journey, and the mountains you think are 200ft tall are 2000 ft tall. The water you think you can swim turns to water that you need a boat to cross. The challenges on the way looked like you can’t even continue the journey, but you just use the great determination to get the gold, and you overcome the challenges.

When you get to the island, you found the treasure chest, opened it, and you found antique and some rubies. They are valuable items, but you expect to see a chest full of Gold. This set in many thoughts into your mind and you are considering the journey as if they do not worth it. And you thought of switching to another island. Maybe there will be better treasures there.


Many of us have experienced similar things like this in our life. Our goal to build something, to get a better grade, and so on, turn out to be something not worth it after achieving. It is normal to feel down and disappointed in situations like this. However, the major problem started with how we start the journey.

Success in the Journey


The problem is that most people think about the gold and diamonds in their treasure island. They spend time visualizing the future they will get in their goals when they get to their destination.

But in other to live a perfect life, your goal should be your treasure. You should be committed and convicted to your goals, and not the outcome. Sometimes after you have put in many efforts the outcome you get doesn’t fit the effort, you just keep moving and keep driving forward. Goals give a direction, and they show you the path to your island, and it does not matter if what you get from them is silver or gold. It is the goal that matter.

I have been committed to building my application for many months, and I have had many reasons to stop building. But the goal is to build a well-functioning system of the application and no matter the outcome, I will be fulfilled building it.

We all have a journey to take and have a different map to follow. Take your map and start your adventure.