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I saw value in building a typing app on the blockchain technology a year and 6 months ago. And I started building with a few of my team. We launched the project on the Steem blockchain 10 months ago, and we were there for a couple of months. We tried to get more people to use the app, and we found out that many people could not understand the complexity of the Steem blockchain, and we also faced issues with account creations.

TypeEarn is a simple app, and we needed a simple way for account creation. As we continue to build we saw more values in taking our app to schools then we launched another layer called “TypeEarn for schools”. This is an interesting system that allows schools to earn while their students are learning their class basics and learning to type fast. We got a few schools, but they complained about the complexity and a few things. Also, we saw more in typing and activities and we had a thought of building something new with it, which is Physical Proof of Activities (PPOA) and this can only work through a smart contract. Also, the government of my country could be funny, so I decide to take a tour and search for blockchain that could fit in.


So, there were many reasons to look for a solution and we started the journey. We saw Eth, Tron, Blockstack, but the solution was found on the Neo blockchain. We started building, and we applied everything we learned on Steem, mitigating risks and building a sustainable system.

We expanded our system far beyond what we did on Steem, including our new TeachEarn which allows teachers, lecturers, tutors to earn good values while they teach others. It is a very smart way to encourage quality works and learning.

There are many more things, but the summary now is that we have worked and we are getting close to launch. We plan to spread our app across more chains(Hive included) when we have the resource because Neo allows cross-chain development. We are close and our launching date is the 25th of September, it is a planned deadline and we need to work towards the day but in other to launch successfully we need supports.

Information for the supports and means of supports are here: https://fund-us.space/ I need everyone that wishes to be part of this startup and build my idea to support me. Your support will be highly appreciated and it is value for value.

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