USA not helping their citizens, despite us paying obscene amounts of taxes

If you are like me and have been paying taxes since you started working (I am in my 40s) then you have 20 something years of taxes paid into social programs. Those social programs should then come back to me with support when I need it.

I don't like that I am FORCED to pay taxes at threat of gunpoint/jail time. I agree it is a forced transaction and oppressive, but if I am paying into something I should get something out when needed. Yes, I know that I shouldn't expect an oppresive government to give me my money back when I need it, but most people DO expect that. It is waking a lot of people up seeing many other countries giving their citizens money back. It isn't communist to demand MY MONEY back from the govt when I need help, it's my money that was forcefully stolen from my checks for 20 years.