Finalists of the 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #108

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Hello Hivers!

Thanks everyone for voting for your finalists of the LTC contest

We had a new all time high engagement with 86 comments on the finalists vote post! So happy how everybody is spreading such positive vibes ;) Keep it goingπŸ‘ The entries were so good this round that I decided to add another 2 Hive to the prize pool so that we have 10 Hive and every finalists will receive 3.3 Hive πŸ˜ƒ So without further ado....


The most votes received...

@silversaver888 (11 votes)
@uliana61 (10 votes)
@lilideleopolis (9 votes)

And the finalists are...








And for the honorable mentions we have...






So congratulations to the finalists and honorable mentions of this round! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and thank you so much for supporting this community and showing your love for clouds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β›…




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CONGRATULATIONS TO @uliana61 @lilideleopolis @gems.and.cookies @jlufer @rosanna-brava @nadin-zakrevska and all who participated!
Great job everyone!!!
Thank you to @tobetada. It is a privilege to post under this tag.

Thank you very much dear friend @ silversaver888
have a beautiful afternoon

Congratulations to you as well! Great job and see you in the next episode 😊

Yeah, I have clouds to show, LOL!
This is addicting, huh?
I sometimes notice myself looking at the clouds...
and I am driving!!!
Have a great day @gems.and.cookies

Felicitaciones hermosas fotografΓ­as captadas @silversaver888 @uliana61 @lilideleopolis @gems.and.cookies @jlufer @rosanna-brava @nadin-zakrevska.
Gracias @tobetada un hermoso trabajo.

'Love The Clouds' Contest! #108

Congratulations beautiful photos captured @silversaver888 @uliana61 @lilideleopolis @gems.and.cookies @jlufer @rosanna-brava @nadin-zakrevska.
Thanks @tobetada a beautiful job.

Hello dear friend @tobetada good afternoon
What beautiful images have been presented this week, congratulations to all who have participated in special to the winners @silversaver888 @uliana61 @lilideleopolis @gems.and.cookies @rosanna-brava @nadin-zakrevska
Thank you very much to all who have supported my photography
I wish you all a splendid weekend

And to you as well @jlufer. Congratulations!

First photo looks stunning. I tried capturing clouds today but my sky is all blue.


haha, yeah that's a bad day for cloud lovers ;)

Wowww! Thanks all for your votes and support ❀️❀️❀️

Wow some amazing photography and impressive timing.

Thank you very much for everybody who entered and good luck for whoever wins!

Congratulations to all see you all in the next round πŸ‘


Felicidades a todos los ganadores

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores del concurso en #lovetheclouds, fueron excelentes fotografΓ­as.