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RE: Centralization: A Dead End

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Excellent article. Upvoted. :)


Thanks for reading!

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Just starting to read over here on the LeoFinance side. Been a regular contributor on the ctptalk platform, and now that I am looking more into deFi, and using dlease to increase some power while I curate, I figure I can bring some of my conversation over here. I also am a curation account for ctp content, and anything tagged with #3StepsNoExcuses.

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I'm sure you bring a lot to the table, it's good to have you here on LeoFinance. I like the CTP project as well, been using that tag for quite a while now. Thanks for passing by ;)

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No worries. I now work on upvoting here on PoB. So I need to increase and stake my holdings so when I reward folks with my curation account, they would get CTP, Hive, Leo, and PoB.

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