Binance starts a full power down

It took a long time, and I think Justin feeding CZ false information and propaganda didn't help things. As of 20 minutes ago, Binance-Hot is fully powering down and getting out of the Witness Voting Game.

Huobi started a full power down yesterday, I don't have much hope that Poloniex will as that is owned by Justin Sun but it is the smallest of the three.

Justin shows no sign of getting out of the Witness Voting Game and has been continuously powering up and voting witnesses.

Hopefully, we will see peace soon and get back to making Steem great.

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What is @hkdev404? Another Sun's puppet?


The next logical move of Sun is to start to buy Steem on the market and vote for the puppets.

Not exactly "logical" but logic has little place in this story right from the start.


I've used Binance for years but won't touch them ever again. I asked Binance about why they assisted Jason Sun's takeover of the Steem blockchain in the manner they did, which was totally illegitimate and this was their response -

OMG why did you endure that for so long?

I wanted an answer and knew they were lying. And because Steem's worth it.


It’s at least progress. It also shows the power of social media. Still seems like we got a long fight ahead of us.

Principally, I fully agree with the view on property rights as @lukestokes describes it here:

But the longer @justinsunsteemit keeps voting for his sock puppet witnesses, the more I am OK with the witnesses sending the Steemit Inc assets to @null.

The developers at Steemit Inc that we knew to have the interests of the Steem community at heart all have resigned. Steemit Inc is a threat to the survival of Steem. The longer we wait for Steemit Inc to develop features or to responsibly take care of on-boarding new users, the longer progress on this platform is at a stand-still.

I'm really getting pretty tired with the continuous assault from Justin on the community.

The moment they hacked the exchanges they proved to me and I'm sure others that they don't give a fuck about consensus or the future of this project.


No ones touching our #steem


Great Scott!


Nice to hear that Marky, thank you for your work.

Wait. Tron is voting for @justyy and @timcliff? What kind of madness is this?


Tim was vocal in his opposition to 22.2. Justin did try to get to and recruit Justyy via the Chinese community, via Wechat, after his witness voting reqs post. These votes are probably bait.

"Tim was vocal in his opposition to 22.2."

So was I. Where's my bribe?


You should wait in line like others do

For once Marky, everyone forgot their differences and came together. Not bad, huh?

Good to see you at the top! 😊

The most important is to not stop that. They can stop that anyday. We should always check their wallets all 13 weeks. I hope they will do the right things and let steem improve and grow just like we were doing before.


Big shout out to all you witness dealing with Tron, Justin, and the exchanges. From my perspective their ignorance of how Steem works was insane. Or they were playing stupid the whole time. Great job keeping your focus and flipping out. Great work!!


Finally! Do you know why Poloniex is not powering down?

Because Justin Sun owns it and he is not backing down.

Justin Sun owns everything 😂

making Steem great

making X great (again)


I am happy those exchanges backed off though.