RE: Attention Economy: LEO will be crawling with scammers during the mega-bull run.

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Just another example of Hive falling head over heels for influencers on YouTube or Twitter.

We see this happen repeatedly. If it isnt an outright scam, most of them to token scalping. They post on Hive (Steem in the past) and reap a ton of rewards. In the end, there are no users added because they are not promoting the platform to anyone. They only are using it as a money grab.

Keep watching the new users on the daily reports put out and see the ones signed up by Leofinance. Is it changing as people come over from other platforms?

This is the telltale sign whether they are using influence that helps Hive/Leo or just being here to post content. The later is fine but most do so for a short time then drift away.

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