Tokenization Of The Physical And Real World

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Tokenization of Everything is something that is taking place. In the first video (of 2), we look at this concept and apply it to some things we all know and interact with.

in this video I discuss the tokenization of real estate and some of the options there. We then turn to art and collectibles. Finally we look at businesses.

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The only thing I question is if the token is tied to a real life asset such as a building. What would happen if the house got destroyed due to a fire (think California and the big mess) or an earthquake/flood? I guess there might be insurance but I think they are a huge scam and they try to avoid paying out. But assuming insurance does not pay, who pays for fixing the property/land?

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It would have to be the same type situation.

Just think of laws that we have now but put the in code (smart contract). Hence one could have a platform that the tokens are tied to which is the "insurance".

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I'll have to see it in action in order to better wrap my head around it :)

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