Moonflower roses in my garden.

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Hello friends!
Hope everybody is well. Friends, I am very happy today because the first moonflower rose in my garden today.I have shared these with you today.And we all know that every human being has a hidden dream. Someone loves to garden, someone loves to keep animals. But you have to have the will to do these fancy things. And this willpower must be awakened. Since I live in the city. So I planted some flower tubs on the roof of the house as there was not enough space in the house.

I have planted different types of flowering plants. I will show you this moonflower rose inside it. I was in the village for a long time because of the Corona epidemic. Now I have come to town. A friend of my age in the house next to ours in the village has planted a moonflower rose tree. I often go to their house. There I saw this moonflower rose tree. I like this flower very much. In our village this rose is called Chandramukhi.
Although this rose is called Chandramukhi in our village, I know that the name of this flower may be different in different regions and villages. I was a little surprised when I first heard the name of this rose flower Chandramukhi. Because I first heard the name of this flower in our village. One day I saw that the roots of this branch had sprouted and new leaves had sprouted. I continued to take care of the tree in the village.


The tree continues to grow and has some flowers today. The color of the flower is reddish orange. See the flowers are really very beautiful and interesting. Besides, I am showing you more of our fruits. You see how beautiful the flowers are. I think it's hard to find people in the world who don't love flowers. I also love flowers so I have planted different flower tubs on the roof of the house as there is no place to garden at home.
Friends, if you like the flowers, you must give your opinion and comment below.

Thanks everybody for visit my blog.


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Nice photography apu, holud golap besh sundor, jodio ami samne theke kokhono dekhi nai. Thanks for sharing.