Unboxing my KickStarter Stuff

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I have been waiting for this stuff to come in the mail for a while. I want to say thanks to the @splinterlands team as they did a good job. All the stuff is really nice. The book is so well made it even impressed the wife and she laughs a bit at me for playing this. I have to say that my first unboxing video well it didn't go that well. But hey I love the game so I am going to put it out all over the place anyways. Maybe just maybe someone will go if that guy can make a video about this game anyone can. You can always see my stuff on D.Tube 3speak or now UpTrend.

I know I am a pretty big dork. But hey I am on week 5 of stay at home and week 4 of being on furlough from work. I like the game and it felt good to have the stuff at last. I am sure it will be either something to brag about or something for a funny sorry about this game we played on the blockchain thing that was hot back in the day. I hope you are all doing well and I will try to do some much better videos coming out soon. Join Us It's Fun

So happy to see what you got! I'm at the same kickstarter level and looking forward to mine. Good luck in all your battles!

Ya hope you get it and share the joy.

I loved watching the opening! That is the most exciting part to me! Good luck with it and being furloughed!


That is what I usually use! :) Thanks @cardboard!

Thanks it was a nice tune to get something nice in the mail

Especially when it's not a bill!

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Thanks bummer is I can’t go to the card shops and show people how to play damn virus