Splinterlands Battles with Barking Spider

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This week the @splinterlands team asked us to make a video featuring the Barking Spider. The Barking Spider is a rewards card that you can earn for free if you are playing the game. They feature these often as the cards are good and it helps push up the market often. I didn't have to try hard this week as I won the first two battles with the card. You can watch it on 3speak, UpTrennd Dtube or Libary if you prefer and I hope that a lot of you do but I also use Youtube to try and just spread the word about this game. Following me on any of those helps with spreading the words about the game so thanks if you do.

Yup won those fights fast. I hope I showed once again that a reward card is good. I also am glad that I bought a lot of them to level mine up. I hope that you take the time to enter the challange It is fun to see all the players trying to win with the same card. If you are not playing yet now is a good time to join us Land is coming. I swear and that means crafting is coming. Oh, and I hope more players are coming.


Yup perfect use of the spider - slow and blind seemed to work well.

He also fell perfectly into your Sneak defence with the Earth Elemental!

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Thank you

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Very nice video friend. The barking spider at the third place was a smart move as with its 6 health it can protect the line up if the flesh golem gets down. Also, it was a wise move using Earth Elemental at back as it would heal itself if enemy sneaks try it attack it. Nice strategy!
I personally think video helps us more to learn about Splinterlands rather than reading a post as We feel more connected with it. Very nice work Steve. Keep it going.

Please note: You haven't shared the link to join splinterlands game also haven't shared the twitter link in the post comment which is very much needed in order to help other players, especially newbies. please share those from your next post. 🙂