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RE: Ladies of Hive Community Contest #25

in Ladies of Hive4 months ago

Hello, I would like to comment on your publication. For weeks now I always notice that the posts you make. The call for the contest come out with mounted letters and that makes it difficult to read the publication.

So it appears to me both in hive. Blog and and that happens when some markdown code has not been closed properly.

Check the codes and see if any of them are not closed or if there are any too many. Please check and ask. I don't think it's just me seeing the problem but it's possible that it is. 🤭😁 @ladiesofhive

 4 months ago 

Thank you for telling us! The post has been edited and the really large text has been removed. Please let me know if it is better after you do a REFRESH! 🙂

We are here to support each other, the last 3 weeks I have been watching that in your .m contest postings and was waiting for an edit or for you to notice, so it was time to step in 😄😅.

No friends it's still the same, it's not about how long or short the post is, it's the markdown code. You must have one code too many, or some missing. It has happened to me on 3 occasions and I have learned. @ladiesofhive

 4 months ago 
The post looks fine on my computer and with the browser I am using, so that's why I didn't know anything was amiss. I removed all the Markdown code from the post, and all that's left is the formatting (justifying the text to be flush-right, paragraph breaks, etc. Are you looking at it on mobile or a computer? Which browser are you using? I'd love to duplicate your view so I can fix it!

I was watching it from my cell phone through two different browsers. After reading your message, I logged in from a computer and it looks fine.

Then it is through cell phones that the publication is not appreciated because the letters are mounted, but it is difficult for those who connect from a cell phone.

I make my publications both on my cell phone and on a computer and in both it looks good. It is what I said some code is missing or missing some > or < that is too much.

The idea is that the publication can be seen everywhere, and thank you very much for taking the trouble to improve it. I apologize for the inconvenience that I could cause you. Thank you. @ladiesofhive @thekittygirl

 4 months ago 

Do not apologize, please! You helped us fix a problem! Thank you! 😊


You must be missing this

or have this left over .

I checked each code with its closure.